It may not seem like stories can lead to engagement, but there are many features Instagram has provided to do just that! Stories can be a place for your top fans to engage with what you share and help you build a community. If you are stumped about what you should share in your social media posting, these are our tips!

Storytelling. When you are sharing Stories, be clear and intentional. Many people will swipe away from your Stories if you are posting random things. Keep things authentic but have a plan about what you are sharing and how you want to grab people’s attention.

Add captions. Auto-generated captions make it easy to get more people to watch your Stories. Many people don’t turn the audio on, so by adding captions they are more likely to watch them all the way through. They will still get all the information they need and may send a message or reaction to what you’ve shared.

Question sticker. Getting customer feedback is so valuable! Instagram made it easy for you to ask your followers a question in your Stories. Whether you want feedback on a product or want to do a Q&A, this sticker is really helpful and fun for the user. You can respond to the answers in your Story and the person who left that answer will get a notification (this gets you an automatic view on that Story).

Poll sticker. This sticker is a simpler way to get answers to an easy question. Instagram users love polls because they are quick to respond to. Viewers can’t see who voted, but you will be able to! This is a great way to generate leads as well.

Other Instagram stickers. While the first two stickers help build engagement more directly, there are other ones that can help increase your Story’s visibility. Adding a location sticker can help reach people who don’t follow you. Adding a hashtag will help too. If you want to make your Story more visually engaging, there are GIF stickers and so much more!

Prompts. Sometimes we need to be told what to do. If there is something specific the viewer should do to engage with your Story, write it out. Some typical prompts are “Tap for more,” “Hold to read,” and “Click this post for more information.”

Shareable Stories. The most popular content on Instagram is shareable and can be implemented on your Stories as well. Some common posts people like to screenshot are fill-in-the blanks, wallpapers, and bingo cards. Get creative! You can even make this a contest or giveaway for those that participate and tag you in their answers.

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