Instagram Highlights are a great way to add information to your profile that you may have to repeat over and over again! Instagram Stories are different from your regular social media posting and disappear after 24 hours. Highlights are saved indefinitely to the front of your profile to be rewatched by your followers or seen for the first time by new audience members.

These are some fun ideas to implement for your Highlights:

Customer testimonials. When a customer shares a positive review to their Story, reshare it and save it to a highlight! You can also create your own posts to save with existing reviews from other websites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. This will increase your authority in your industry!

Tutorials. Show your audience the best way to use your products. If there is a method to get the most out your items, Story Highlights is the perfect spot to share that. It is often a common question so you will be able to quickly refer people to the Highlight!

FAQs. A frequently-asked-questions Highlight is a huge time-saver once you have it set up. Just like tutorial Highlights, you can direct questions to this highlight so you can go on to answer other questions that you do not get asked often and spend more time on other aspects of your business.

Company culture. Showcase how your company operates with a Highlight about your company culture. Your followers will feel more connected to your business and it may even help when you hire new people!

Product highlights. Organize your highlights by separating them by different products. You will be able to go into detail in each product. This makes it extremely easy for new followers to learn how to use a certain product and they will be more likely to make an informed purchase.

User Generated Content. Highlight how your customers are using your products and services! Even if you have an idea of the best possible use for your products, your customers will also have great ideas to share!

Portfolio. If you are a photographer, designer, etc this is a great opportunity to show your best work!

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