If you’ve had anything to do with designing your own website, or been in the market for a new website, you’ve probably seen the acronyms, “UX” and “UI” used quite a bit. So, what exactly is UX and UI, and what does it have to do with your business’ website? In this blog, we’ll break down the basics for you!

What does UX stand for?

UX stands for “User Experience”. This aspect of web design has to do with the overall feel and operation of the website, i.e., how your audience will experience the website. While you may be thinking that UX deals with the visual aspects of web design as well, UX actually only deals with the usability of the site. If your business’ website is easy to use, even if it doesn’t look amazing, people will choose your site over a competitor’s that looks great but isn’t user friendly.

What does UI stand for?

UI stands for “User Interface”, which has everything to do with the look and feel of your website. To put it simply, UI is to UX as icing is to cake. Once you’ve got your website’s usability and functionality nailed down, you’ll want to make it look pretty. This is where you’ll choose color boards, fonts, layout of your website’s menu, etc. There should be a natural flow to your website, making all of the information within the site easy to locate and access at any time, on any device. At 98 Buck social, we can handle your website design and on page optimization through our affordable SEO service package.

Why you need UX and UI for your website

If you have one, but not the other, consumers will leave your site for one that looks and works better. The world of technology is ever-growing and changing, which means businesses need to keep up with their websites. If your website is outdated, or if your a business looking to create your first website, we’ve got solutions for you! Our web designers at 98 Buck Digital can build your website so that it looks beautiful and is easy for people to use! Just click here to get in touch today!

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