As social media use becomes more and more a part of our normal lives, we are seeing some changes in consumer behavior. After two years of remote work and social distancing, people relied on online information for their shopping. These are some of the ways social media has impacted consumer behavior:

People can purchase directly on social media platforms. More people use social media for entertainment than movies or TV these days, which means shopping and advertising are shifting. Almost every social media platform has a direct shopping option so consumers don’t have to navigate off the app to make a purchase. If you are an e-commerce business you can take advantage of this shift and sell your products directly where you do your social media posting.

Users are heavily influenced by social media reviews. Social media offers an authentic space for people to learn about the ins and outs of a product or business. They read reviews and this affects their decision to buy from you. Consumers turn to review platforms like Yelp or social platforms like Twitter to learn about businesses. Stay on top of your reviews and quickly respond to negative ones. If it is a simple misunderstanding, it can be corrected and others reading the conversation will be pleased to know you care about your customer’s opinions and experiences.

They turn to social media for customer service. These days no one likes to pick up the phone and call a business if they have a problem. Consumers are much more likely to contact you on your social media platforms and they expect a quick response. When you have a million things on your plate, this can be overwhelming. 98 Buck Social can handle your day-to-day posting with our affordable social media plans, so you can find time to respond to your customers!

Engagement is two-way. Social media has humanized brands in a way we haven’t seen in traditional advertising. This has shifted the relationship between businesses and consumers drastically. When someone comments on your social media posts, they are much more likely to support you if you respond back to them. Meaningful conversations online are preferred to cold promotional posts!