Have your social media posts been flopping? It could be the algorithm, but maybe it’s what you are doing. Some of these social media strategies are simple however they are often overlooked! If you need help boosting your content’s performance, try these tips.

Post content for humans not search engines. Keywords are tracked in your captions to help social media platforms suggest your account to users who would enjoy what you post. You should always keep keywords in mind, but write your posts for humans, not algorithms and search engines. Humans are who are engaging with your social media posting and are the ones that will buy your products. 

Prioritize interactive content. There are so many fun ways to let your followers interact with your content. If you market your business on TikTok, users can Stitch your video. You can create polls on Facebook and Twitter. In Instagram Stories, you can ask questions or post a poll. With a little creativity, the options for interactive content are endless!

Add your insights. Your position as a business owner in your industry gives you a special experience that can help others! Share your insights as an expert. Reposts and curated content is great for social media but your interesting opinions are much more valuable to your followers. 

Follow your unique brand voice. To become a recognized business, your brand voice should be just as consistent as the rest of your branding. Some people don’t see who posts to their feed at first glance, but if your brand voice is consistent they will start to recognize your posts and engage with them faster. With 98 Buck’s cheap social media services, our team matches your brand voice!

Work with influencers or other brands. Two teams are better than one! Influencer marketing is a very effective way to reach broader audiences. If you have a smaller budget, collaborate with other businesses in your industry through co-marketing. Both of your businesses will reap the benefits.