One of the quickest ways to increase your following is to share content that goes viral. These photos and videos are widely shared around the internet and sometimes even end up influencing other aspects of pop culture! There is no set formula to follow to ensure your social media posting goes viral, but there are some things that the most viral content has in common.

At its core, viral posts are popular because they make the user want to share the post with everyone they know. Most viral posts are funny, motivational, heart-warming, or educational. There are some outliers but for the most part, those are the kinds of posts that engage people online. Every social media platform has an algorithm that will promote content if people are engaging with it positively. This creates a feedback loop that will snowball into a post becoming viral.

Tips to make viral content:

Pay attention to trends. Directly copying another viral trend will not make your views or follower count increase. If you pay attention to pop culture trends, news stories, and trends in your industry, you can create content related to those topics and your commentary will probably be engaged with.

Be funny. Most people use social media for entertainment so it makes sense that humorous posts are widely shared. If appropriate for your brand’s affordable social media include some lighthearted, funny posts.

Make it interactive. Your content should make the user want to take action! They should feel inclined to like, comment, or share your post. If you are trying to craft a viral post, that content should make the user want to share it with their friends or comment on it to tag their friends to look at it.

Stay in your niche. While you can have a variety of interests and topics to focus on in your social media, you should try to stay within a certain niche most of the time. Your commentary will be understood within your industry. It will also make it much easier to create viral content if you know what your audience is interested in.