What are Digital Natives?

A digital native is a person who was brought up during the age of digital technology, so they are familiar with computers and the internet at an early age. Digital natives are Millennials and the generations that follow them. Despite being in different generations, there are some traits they share. Digital natives are used to getting information in an instant so they tend to lack patience. They are also very intuitive. They are able to download a new app or test out new features without directions. Digital natives are not averse to directions but prefer to attempt trying something new without them. When you market to them, you are targeting Millennials and Gen Z in your social media posting because they are the ones with buying power at this point in time.

Tips to market to them

Be present on the correct platforms. Millennials and Gen Z don’t spend the same amount of time on Facebook like Baby Boomers do. They use most apps but this is the ranking in order of highest use: Snapchat, Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and lastly Facebook.

Cultural relevance. Digital natives want to know they are supporting businesses that know what is happening in the world and don’t ignore it for the sake of business. Participating in Pride month and showing support for other activist causes will make you stand out to them.

Don’t be conventional. These generations may not have been alive for the “classic” marketing techniques but they see right through it. Digital natives appreciate brands that think outside of the box and use new platforms to showcase their business. If you have an idea you want to implement in your plan, 98 Buck’s cheap social media services can accommodate you!

Don’t dumb down content. Because they are so intuitive, you don’t need to waste time dumbing down how your product works in behind-the-scenes or how-to videos! They will easily be able to follow from the beginning, so content about creative ways to use your product works best.

Join new social media platforms and test out new features. Digital natives are the first to try new platforms and features on existing apps. If you start marketing on new platforms as soon as possible, you will stand out.