While LinkedIn is not seen as a large platform for marketing your business, that could not be more wrong! LinkedIn has over 830 million users, and it has become the best place for B2B marketing and job searches. If you are trying to narrow your goals on this social media platform and make the most of your affordable social media marketing strategy, here are some ideas: 

Company awareness. This will be your main goal if you want as many people as possible to know about your business. Paid ads may be your best bet for increasing brand awareness over organic reach (although you should always spend time focusing on your daily social media posting). Keep your brand voice, colors, and imagery constant for consistent branding. This will help make your brand more recognizable and increase awareness. 

Website visits. For many businesses, website visits are their main goal. You will always want to include your link in your posts and ads. High-quality calls-to-action will be your best friend in your posts. Tell your followers what to do and where the link will take them. Create a list of power and action words that work with your branding and messaging. 

Lead generation. LinkedIn is a great platform for lead generation and many businesses experience a lot of success with this goal. Because this website is primarily used with B2B marketing, you have a large user base to reach. Your posts should position you as an authority. They should be helpful and educational. 

Job applicant outreach. LinkedIn is one of the only social media platforms that have a dedicated job search section. Many applicants use this feature to find their next dream job. If you are looking for employees, you shouldn’t just create a listing. Start posting about your company values, employee advocacy, and company culture. Your social media posting can showcase how great your workplace is to increase the number of applicants you get for a job listing!

Expand your network. Networking is still a great goal for businesses. From potential suppliers and investors to analysts and consultants, LinkedIn provides a large pool of contacts you can meet online. Join groups or create your own to showcase your authority and share your insight into your industry.