Even though most people are on Facebook, that doesn’t guarantee your posts will be seen by your ideal customer. Facebook’s algorithm shows user’s posts by friends first, but you can still find ways to boost your business page’s posts in their feeds!

Most Viewed Content on Facebook

Entertainment and killing time are usually the main reasons people turn to Facebook. Keep this in mind when creating content for your social media posting. In no particular order, these are the most viewed types of content on Facebook:

  • Funny posts and memes
  • Current events
  • User-generated content
  • Native videos

Tips to Improve Visibility

Post regularly. Facebook’s algorithm picks up on accounts that are posting and creating content regularly because their goal is to keep people on their platform (this also means post with links don’t perform as well as it directs people off of their site). Keep to a schedule and create a calendar. If you need help maintaining your Facebook presence, 98 Buck’s affordable social media plans handle your posting.

Comment. Spend a little time each day genuinely commenting on other pages’ posts and replying to comments you recieved on your own posts. Not only does the Facebook algorithm pick up on this, other accounts will see your name in their comments and look into your business.

Share images in your posts. Adding images in your posts increases the space that post takes on the user’s screen. This increses your chances of getting a like or comment because they are less likely to keep scrolling. Use images to capture your viewer’s attention and calls-to-action in your post to encourage the user to interact with your post. This will tell Facebook’s algorithm to keep showing your posts to that person. 

Promote your posts. Organic and paid reach go hand in hand! Cheap Facebook ads are a great way to to increase your reach in a short amount of time. Keep a goal in mind, from increasing sales or growing your following. Contact 98 Buck if you want to start incorporating Facebook ads to your plan.