It may seem that getting your business’ name out there organically can seem difficult but when you break it down it becomes more achievable! Earned media is one of the ways your brand can get more reach. Through your current social media posting you are probably already cultivating earned media!

What is it?

Earned media is the organic coverage and promotion of your business or brand. It can be the toughest kind of media to get but very coveted. You don’t have direct control of earned media like owned or paid media. Owned media includes your website and social channels and paid media are the ads and other forms of paid marketing.

Types of Earned Media:

  • Reviews
  • Media coverage
  • Guest posts
  • Mentions
  • Shares
  • Free highlights from influencers

Tips to get earned media for your business

Maintain relationships online. Whether you interact with other businesses, journalists, or influencers, you should maintain positive relationships with every person you interact with online. Even if they don’t need your services they may think of you when someone else needs what you offer!

Create great content. A starting point for receiving earned media is creating content people want to engage with and share. Remember a share or a mention is a form of earned media! The most shared content is entertaining or informative. Promotional content is good for getting more sales, but those posts are rarely shared.

Expose your business on all channels. You should try to reach as many people across all the platforms you can. 98 Buck Social’s affordable social media plans can post to many different social media platforms! If you don’t send out newsletters, this can help create more earned media for your brand.

Demonstrate expertise. If your goal is to be named in publications, you need to showcase your authority in your industry. Utilize your owned media like blog posts and articles you share on your website. This will build trust in your expertise over time!