Twitter is rolling out new paid features to address pain points their users have complained about for a long time! They are not getting rid of their free version, but are offering extra features to those who want to enhance their experience. This will not effect your regular social media posting from 98 Buck Social!

The New Features:

Bookmark Folders- This is an easy way to organize your saved content! Bookmark folders allow you to manage your content so you can find it efficiently. Assign posts to folders with funny jokes, business ideas, book suggestions, and more!

Undo Tweet- None of us are perfect and sometimes we make an error. With Undo Tweet you can correct typos, grammar mistakes, and missed tags! This feature allows you to set a customizable timer up to 30 seconds to easily correct mistakes before your tweets are posted.

Reader mode- Keep up with longer threads by turning them into easy-to-read text! In the past you would have to use a third party app to easily read a series of tweets. Reader mode allows you to read all that content seamlessly.

Color Theme- Twitter Blue will allow app users to change their display! This is already available on desktop but many people only use their mobile devices.

Dedicated support- Paid users will get access to customer support. This may be affected by how many users sign up for Twitter Blue and how their systems hold up to the new feature.

App Icon- Some people like to control how their home screen looks so Twitter is adding interchangeable app icons to use on their device.

These features are being rolled out slowly to different countries as they work out the kinks and are currently available in Australia and Canada. We can help maintain your presence on Twitter with 98 Buck Social’s affordable social media services!