A little extra effort to make a social media post goes a long way. However, it can take practice! To help we created a list of the most important parts of a social media post for businesses. 

Visual. The first thing that most people see when on social media is the visual element of a post. While on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn you can make text-only posts, the best ones include a photo or video. Make sure the visual matches the content of the caption. 

Headline or eye-catching sentence. That first line of text is what will keep the user around to interact with your post. For most platforms, there are only two to three lines that are visible until the user clicks “See More.” It is best to start off with a sentence or two that captures their attention while staying on theme with the rest of the post. 

Line breaks. Most social media users only use their phones to check their feeds. Wordy or text-heavy posts can be harder to read on small phones so break up your text more than you would in a traditional article. It makes it much clearer to read and it is more likely people will take the time to read what you have to say!

Helpful information. The beefy part of your post should be helpful, informative, or an entertaining story. However you started your post, you need to follow through with what you may have promised. As a business, you should strive to position yourself as an expert in your field so users turn to you for your expertise!

Enticing CTA. No social media post is complete without a call-to-action. After you have provided the user with your expertise in the body of the caption, finish the post with what you want them to do. Direct them to your website or your contact page. You can even ask them to follow you so they can keep seeing useful information in their feeds. 

Hashtags. In your social media posting, you should never forget the hashtags. Hashtags help build your reach organically. You’ve spent precious time writing and posting your content, so it only makes sense you want as many people to see it as possible. If you forget to add hashtags, only your current followers will see your post. 

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