If you have a busines account on Instagram you can track your analytics and get important insights to your performance on the app. The tools are completely free to use and can help guide your social media posting. These are the metrics you should keep track of for your Instagram!

Engagement rate. To keep growing your Instagram following, you should strive to post content that is engaging. If your followers are liking, commenting, sharing, and saving your posts, this comprises your engagement rate. Knowing your engagement rate will help you know exactly the type of content you should post. To calculate the rate in a percentage, divide your total number of likes and comments by your follower count and multiply by 100.

Stories views. Are people swiping through your stories? With the analytics in your Stories you can see who watches and how many people tapped or swiped through. Stories are a great opportunity to show behind the scenes of your business but if it is not interesting enough, people will swipe through. Keep track of the kinds of stories that people enjoy watching and reproduce that style.

Best times to post. The last thing you want is your post to flop because people didn’t see it and didn’t engage with it. Your Insights will show you the times your followers are most active on Instagram. Take note of the days and times and post then. 98 Buck Social keeps track of the optimal times to post to ensure the most people see your content!

Saves. Instagram’s algorithm is heavily ranked through saves. You cannot see who has saved your post but you can see how many people saved it. Saving a post allows the user to quickly revisit it, so usually the content that is saved the most is informational or inspiring.