Nostalgia marketing taps into positive memories from previous decades to push marketing campaigns in modern times. Many companies are decades old and have the option of bringing back discontinued branding and products. Marketing campaigns that touch on nostalgia work very well with Millennials. This generation has been on social media for a long time and remembers old TV shows, movies, and commercials fondly.

How to use it:

Recognize what will resonate with your audience. When you understand your target audience you will know the approximate age and generation. There are references you can make that one generation will love and others won’t understand. If you have a broad audience, keep the nostalgia marketing broad as well.

Reintroduce old products that people loved. Often people get upset when a beloved product is no longer for sale because of everchanging trends. If you are an older establishment and discontinued a product people liked, consider bringing it back!

Participate in #TBT. An easy way to tap into nostalgia is through a throwback post! #TBT stands for Throwback Thursday and you can use that social media trend to share an old photo. There are millions of photos that have used that hashtag so try incorporating it into your social media posting schedule.

Don’t force it. People can become very connected to their favorite childhood TV characters, so if you cannot execute nostalgia marketing in a way that will be received well, it can backfire. If you have a new business, this kind of marketing doesn’t work as well, so focus on emerging trends instead of looking at the past.

Nostalgia marketing is a tactic to incorporate into a marketing plan and shouldn’t be the entire campaign. 98 Buck’s affordable social media plans can accommodate your ideas for your content. Contact us when you want to adjust your messaging!