Remember the first trending Snapchat filters like the dog ears and rainbow throw-up? Today almost every platform has implemented thousands of video filters for your social media posting! There are many ways you can take part in video filters to market your business.

What are Video Filters?

Video filters utilize a form of AI (artificial intelligence) to track your face or body while in the frame of a video. There are many types of filters to choose from so you can stay on brand in your niche while having fun marketing your business. 

Tips for Video Filters

Don’t use beauty filters when filming products. Beauty filters change the colors, lighting, and harsh lines of what they are recording. This is fine when you are just talking about something and want to clear up your skin a bit, but it is the last filter you should use when you are trying to showcase a product. You should show the product or results as close to reality as possible. 

Stay on brand. All the work you do for your affordable social media marketing to stay on brand should extend to your video filters. There are so many to choose from you are sure to find one that fits your business. Your audience will notice a dramatic change if you don’t stay on brand. 

Post Ideas with Video Filters

Green screen filter for product tutorials. Instagram and TikTok have a greenscreen option that is great for product highlights and tutorials. You can upload photos or videos to play behind you while you explain what you need to. 

Create a filter for customers to try on products. If you have the money and access to a developer, you can create your own filter that allows your customers to try on your products! Augmented reality is the future of social media marketing especially since more people do their shopping research on social media. 

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