In 2019, it is estimated that there will be over 2.77 billion social networking users across the globe! You may be wondering, “where can social media go from here?” or “what more could we really do to enhance or improve it?”  While these are both pretty relevant questions considering its overwhelming popularity, the answer to your question is simple. Social media has no end in sight. So, what’s next? We’ll tell you!

While different new and improved social media platforms pop up every year (and we’ll get to that later), the main trend we see happening for 2019 is fixing the current status of the most popular platforms, such as, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. According to, we can expect to see many more chatbots on social media business pages in particular. Plus, companies are also striving to be better at  “keeping it real”, with their consumers after a recent study showed that only 55% of social media users felt that businesses were being transparent with them online! On top of that Snapchat stories soured to an all time high in 2018, making them some of the most watched content on social media! We can expect to see many more platforms adopting stories/working on ways to improve them.

As far as new platforms, the possibilities are endless! In today’s world, there really is an app for everything and some of the newest apps still mimic the older social media sites in a lot of ways. For example, Vero is a social media platform expected to boom in 2019! However, when you take a look, it has tons of similarities to the already popular, Instagram. One thing we are seeing with the newest “apps to watch” is that they are more content driven. People are longing to have less interaction with advertisements while still being able to take part in user-generated content. The good news? Some new social media platforms will allow them to do this, such as Anchor or Facebook for Creators!

While the future is still uncertain, there is one thing we know for sure, and that is that social media, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Want to get ahead of the game on your company’s social media platforms? Check out our services today to get started!