You are planning to launch a business in 2022. When should you start using social media to promote your business? We say the sooner the better! It is very rare to go viral overnight and organic growth is slow. What you do in the months and weeks before launching your business can improve your first few months.

12 Weeks Before Launch

If you have time, three months before you launch your business you should be thinking about social media. This is when you decide what platforms you want to market your business on and what your goals are for your social media posting. It is best to be consistent so don’t overcommit to posting to four platforms when you may see more success being consistent on just one. Create profiles on the accounts you wish to promote your business on to save your business name handles.

8 Weeks Before Launch

Two months before your business launches is when you should have your decisions made. Not only the platforms but who your ideal customer is and what they do online. This will help guide your hashtags, types of content, and much more. Create a content calendar and save the hashtags you plan to use.

4 Weeks Before Launch

You should start posting in the weeks leading up to your launch day. If you wait, you probably won’t have much of a following and you should be building excitement for your brand! This is a good time to roll out a few cheap Facebook ads to increase your following. Focus on sharing valuable content and if you want to build an email list, ask for subscribers. When you have the date set for your launch share it online to build anticipation.

Launch Day

On your launch day, you will have a lot on your plate! Respond to comments to answer questions your followers may have. This day is also a perfect opportunity to show behind the scenes of your business with Stories! Share photos and videos of your launch party if you are hosting one. Consider even sharing it live!

After Launch

To keep your business on your follower’s minds stay consistent on your platforms. If you need assistance with this, 98 Buck Social has many affordable social media plans to post on your behalf.