White Label Facebook Advertising

Are you an advertising/marketing agency that is struggling with Facebook Ads, or you simply don’t have the time to run campaigns? Does your agency have too many clients to manage? 98 Buck Social has the solution: let us take care of it! Facebook Advertising can take valuable time and resources away from your agency, and takes consistent monitoring to ensure your ads are performing to their fullest potential. 98 Buck Social has a dedicated Facebook Ad management team to ensure the needs of your clients will be met, and their campaigns are within budget. 

How white Label Facebook advertising works

Many agencies have a distorted view of what white label Facebook Advertising actually is. We do not take your clients and claim them as our own, and we do not take credit for any success we bring to your clients. Here is how the process work: 

  • Contract – You contract your clients to us anonymously for an agreed upon fee, which varies depending on the amount of clients you have, the size of their budgets, and frequency of campaigns. 
  • Access – You give us access to your clients Facebook Ad Manager accounts by making us an administrator of each account. This gives us the access we need to run campaigns, and view the reports we need to make analytically informed decisions. 
  • Campaign Execution – After extensive research, we will create unique ads that suit the goals of each of your clients. We split test the ads, and ensure the best performing are the ads that receive the most resources. 98 Buck Social pays special attention to the essential KPI’s like CTR, Clicks, and CPC to ensure we are on the right track, and your campaign is consistently improving.  Depending on the success of the campaign, we will consider retargeting to further your ROI without wasting any time. 
  • Reporting – After each campaign, we will send a report of the key campaign metrics to prove the work we have done. No sugar coating or adding anything, we will simply send a standard Facebook Ads Manager campaign report to your inbox. If you are less than savvy when it comes to reading analytical reports, we would be happy to walk through the report with you!

Our white label Facebook Ads

We craft each of our Facebook ads to match your campaign adjective, and appeal to your clients’ target audiences. Some common Facebook ad formats we like to use are:

  • Image Ads: We use image ads to captivate your audience, and drive traffic to your website through stunning visual presentations. Image ads are the bread and butter for Facebook advertisers, because they are tried and test performers!
  • Video Ads: When your client has a specific process or product feature that is unique, sometimes a picture simply doesn’t do the trick. Video ads are a great way to show your product services in-depth, and really engage your audience.
  • Carousel Ads: When your client has multiple products/services that they offer, a carousel ad is the way to go. This allows us to show up to 10 images, and gives your audience a better understanding of the full spectrum of products/services that your clients offer.

Each campaign we start on will be objective oriented, depending on the needs of your clients. If they want more exposure, we will reach as many people as possible. If they want to convert on ecommerce sales, we will target a specific audience that is likely to take action on your site. 

Outsourcing your Facebook Ads to 98 Buck Social 

We understand that it is often very hard for agencies to trust another company with their Facebook Advertising services. You worked hard to get your clients, and you don’t want to lose them because you’ve outsourced your Facebook Advertising services to a phony agency that isn’t delivering the results your clients are expecting. At 98 Buck Social, your clients’ success is our success. We strive to deliver the highest performing Facebook Ads in any niche, and are experts at optimizing campaigns to maximize ROI, and stick within your clients’ budgets. 

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