White Label Facebook Advertising

Are you an advertising/marketing agency that is struggling with Facebook Ads, or you simply don’t have the time to run campaigns? Does your agency have too many clients to manage? 98 Buck Social has the solution: let us take care of it! Facebook Advertising can take valuable time and resources away from your agency, and takes consistent monitoring to ensure your ads are performing to their fullest potential. 98 Buck Social has a dedicated Facebook Ad management team to ensure the needs of your clients will be met, and their campaigns are within budget. 

How white Label Facebook advertising works

Many agencies have a distorted view of what white label Facebook Advertising actually is. We do not take your clients and claim them as our own, and we do not take credit for any success we bring to your clients. Here is how the process work: 

  • Contract – You contract your clients to us anonymously for an agreed upon fee, which varies depending on the amount of clients you have, the size of their budgets, and frequency of campaigns. 
  • Access – You give us access to your clients Facebook Ad Manager accounts by making us an administrator of each account. This gives us the access we need to run campaigns, and view the reports we need to make analytically informed decisions. 
  • Campaign Execution – After extensive research, we will create unique ads that suit the goals of each of your clients. We split test the ads, and ensure the best performing are the ads that receive the most resources. 98 Buck Social pays special attention to the essential KPI’s like CTR, Clicks, and CPC to ensure we are on the right track, and your campaign is consistently improving.  Depending on the success of the campaign, we will consider retargeting to further your ROI without wasting any time. 
  • Reporting – After each campaign, we will send a report of the key campaign metrics to prove the work we have done. No sugar coating or adding anything, we will simply send a standard Facebook Ads Manager campaign report to your inbox. If you are less than savvy when it comes to reading analytical reports, we would be happy to walk through the report with you!

Our white label Facebook Ads

We craft each of our Facebook ads to match your campaign adjective, and appeal to your clients’ target audiences. Some common Facebook ad formats we like to use are:

  • Image Ads: We use image ads to captivate your audience, and drive traffic to your website through stunning visual presentations. Image ads are the bread and butter for Facebook advertisers, because they are tried and test performers!
  • Video Ads: When your client has a specific process or product feature that is unique, sometimes a picture simply doesn’t do the trick. Video ads are a great way to show your product services in-depth, and really engage your audience.
  • Carousel Ads: When your client has multiple products/services that they offer, a carousel ad is the way to go. This allows us to show up to 10 images, and gives your audience a better understanding of the full spectrum of products/services that your clients offer.

Each campaign we start on will be objective oriented, depending on the needs of your clients. If they want more exposure, we will reach as many people as possible. If they want to convert on ecommerce sales, we will target a specific audience that is likely to take action on your site. 

Outsourcing your Facebook Ads to 98 Buck Social 

We understand that it is often very hard for agencies to trust another company with their Facebook Advertising services. You worked hard to get your clients, and you don’t want to lose them because you’ve outsourced your Facebook Advertising services to a phony agency that isn’t delivering the results your clients are expecting. At 98 Buck Social, your clients’ success is our success. We strive to deliver the highest performing Facebook Ads in any niche, and are experts at optimizing campaigns to maximize ROI, and stick within your clients’ budgets. 

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  • So far I'm super happy with 98 Buck Social! They've done a great job matching our brand at Chromatic Content and taking on our social media. This has allowed me to put my attention back where I need to on business development and growing the company.

    Jeff A. Avatar
    Jeff A.

    98 Buck Social has helped me grow my social media following tremendously, and kept my social media going so that I can focus on other aspects of my business. They are reliable, easy to work with, friendly, and responsive.

    Jo T. Avatar
    Jo T.

    Great white label service for agencies - especially when you have more work than your own staff can manage. Having a team like 98 Buck Social be able to jump in and help manage your social media accounts is priceless!

    Jennifer H. Avatar
    Jennifer H.
  • They are awesome they are giving me exactly what I need a boost

    Lee R. Avatar
    Lee R.

    We just started a couple of weeks ago with 98 Buck Social. So far we are happy with the content. They are very responsive on messages. 🙂 I would recommend.

    Terri T. Avatar
    Terri T.

    Extremely well written and timely posts, incredible monthly rate and top notch customer service - an amazing combination. I was recommended 98BuckSocial by a colleague and I couldn't be happier! I have since recommended it to others - what a find!

    Steven L. Avatar
    Steven L.
  • These guys consistently do an amazing job of posting on my social media sites – they have been flawless from day one I highly recommend them!

    Jane V. Avatar
    Jane V.

    Nice people and company to work with that are very reasonably priced and very creative.

    Farris B. Avatar
    Farris B.

    As a small to medium business owner, it has given us the needed bandwidth to focus on other core competencies. The posts arrive daily and we have been able to shape the content accordingly.

    Sean H. Avatar
    Sean H.
  • What an AWESOME social media service! 98 Buck Social consistently delivers content that is timely and relevant to my audience. I’m certainly glad I have a dependable partner that understands my vision and business.

    Chuck M. Avatar
    Chuck M.

    Great value for the money!

    I’ve had their social media posting service for just a couple of months and it’s already made a big difference in my reach and the number of interactions with my page.

    They are super responsive whenever I ask for or offer feedback and make adjustments quickly.

    I would definitely recommend 98 Bucks Social to any small business or entrepreneur who needs help with their social media marketing.

    Tim R. Avatar
    Tim R.

    promotional and very timely posts about me, my career, my profession and the game I love

    Michelle L. Avatar
    Michelle L.
  • We at Empower ME Academy believe that Buck Social has a consistent and reliable service. Their team produces high-quality work and it can be seen that they have experience in what they do. Great job & keep it up! We highly recommend Buck Social to all types of businesses.

    Vittorio A. Avatar
    Vittorio A.

    I've had a great experience with 98 Buck social, since my first contact with Jade, and she has been posting worthwhile pieces for me online, keeping us consistently in front of our customers and on their minds. Great teamwork and follow through, Thanks Jade and 98 Buck Social!

    Ron T. Avatar
    Ron T.

    This company has done a wonderful job taking care of my social media needs. They are affordable and a great resource for small companies.

    DrApril B. Avatar
    DrApril B.
  • Exactly what I needed. While it's not a complete social media solution, it's more of a foundation that will allow me to better expand my brand with confidence. Good mix of content. Quick and helpful replies from staff.

    Raymond F. Avatar
    Raymond F.

    I was unsure about 98 Buck, my boss wanted me to call them and I said "for what, I can handle it" boy was I wrong. The staff is very professional and have great posts. If I am unsure about one, or more. they redo and give me options. I would recommend 98 Buck for ANYONE using social media. Thank for the Great posts.... City Maintenance Supply

    Yvette S. Avatar
    Yvette S.

    This company provides a great service for anyone who doesn't have the time to manage all of your social media platforms yourself. And you can't beat the price! Great team to work with, very easy solution!

    Debbie G. Avatar
    Debbie G.
  • 98 Buck Social provides fantastic postings to my social media to keep followers engaged, which is exactly what I don't have time to do myself. Well worth the price.

    Dave S. Avatar
    Dave S.

    98 Buck Social has been a godsend for our company. They have been handling our social media posts with professionalism, creating timely content for a very reasonable price. This has allowed us to run our business without worrying about social media. I highly recommend.

    Kathy R. Avatar
    Kathy R.

    We have recently started working with 98 Buck Social and are already impressed with the streamlined process and personalized relationship they provide! We are getting positive feedback and interaction from followers and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

    Misty D. Avatar
    Misty D.
  • Super easy to work with, my online image has never looked so good. I never got so many likes!

    Eric H. Avatar
    Eric H.

    As a business owner with limited time on my hands for social media posts, 98 Buck Social, came through full force. Their professionalism and attentiveness, allows me to focus more on my clients!

    Anything I need I reach out to Dyani (who is amazing by the way) and gets the job handled asap. Happy customer and highly recommend.

    Thank you for always delivering. Keep up the great work!


    Eleni P. Avatar
    Eleni P.

    Great company and very helpful

    Diane H. Avatar
    Diane H.
  • This has been an AMAZING experience! My viewership has quadrupled and I'm getting wonderful feedback and growing my email list. The best part is that "I'm" consistently posting valuable content which is important for business growth. #BestInvestmentEver!

    Amber W. Avatar
    Amber W.

    I highly recommend 98 Buck Social. They have been very open to my needs and instructions, and they are very consistent. I am relieved to have them covering all of my social media bases.

    Rachel W. Avatar
    Rachel W.

    They are a great company. Excellent customer service and people to work with...they really care about their clients and I highly recommend them. They have great content writers who are very creative and consistent. 5 Stars for sure.

    Marsha B. Avatar
    Marsha B.
  • 98 Buck Social was recommended to me by a local friend who had met with one of the owners in person. Seeing as they were in my area, I did as well. Clint spent quite a bit of time with me, talking about our business and our goals for the future. The staff guided me through the onboarding process , they create thoughtful, insightful posts, and are always welcome to ideas for posts. Our Instagram following has grown over 3 months to over 1400 followers with an average of 250 posts likes per post. Highly recommend them!

    Lori M. Avatar
    Lori M.

    Great to work with!! Took another task off my plate so I could focus on other things.

    Aaron S. Avatar
    Aaron S.