There are numerous social networks where you could promote your business. However, if you have been relying solely on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and avoiding having a Google Plus page, you could be missing out. Google Plus can play an important part in how effective your SEO is and impact your ranking and search traffic volume.

Why is Google Plus So Important?

The answer to this question is that business pages in Google Plus are managed by Google My Business, which is at the heart of Google’s local SEO platform. This platform helps potential customers find your business using Google Plus, Google Search and Google Maps. Businesses that have Google Plus pages show up higher in local search results because they have increased visibility through Google. And we all know the importance of being at the top of the results list because it increases the likelihood of clicks from users. Google My Business and Google Plus have a positive influence on organic rankings.

Building Credibility and Ranking

Your customers are free to share their experiences and review your business through your Google Plus page. This interactive feature can give your business increased credibility to influence potential customers who are sizing you up against your competitors. And of course, there’s the boost in your organic search ranking from increased traffic.

Being More Engaged

Having a Google Plus page gives you added resources that can maximize your marketing strategy. Engaging with your customers is made easier through community features, including Hangouts, Communities, Gmail and YouTube. Google Plus allows you to organize your connections, segment key audiences and provide relevant content to your page’s visitors.

Simple Steps to Getting Started with Google Plus

It is easy to get started with Google Plus:

  • The first step is to create your Google My Business account. This gives you automatic access to your Google Plus business page.
  • Next select your business type from the three options given: 1. Storefront, 2. Service Area or 3. Brand/
  • Add your business information for your business profile, including photos, contact information, business address and business hours. You will want to work relevant keywords into your description information and create a custom URL that will make your brand recognizable.
  • Connect your existing Google Plus pages, if any that have not been created through Google My Business. Delete any duplicate or outdated pages to maintain consistency with your brand voice.
  • Start sharing your posts, photos and links of interest.

So, don’t just rely on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even your business’s website to drive traffic. Adding Google Plus and Google My Business to your social media presence can boost traffic and increase your visibility.


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