What Makes Live Streaming So Attractive?

Live streaming is accessible on numerous social platforms, and social media marketers are discovering ways to use live video to reach their audience quickly. The reasons live streaming helps you connect with your audience and what makes it so attractive for marketing is:

-It allows you to communicate with your audience much faster
-Using live video speeds, you can speed up the know-like-trust cycle with your audience
-Live streaming is another way of creating content
-You are able to incorporate video into your marketing strategy much simpler
-There is no editing necessary with live streaming
Live streaming gives you the ability to pick up your phone and instantly interact and engage with your audience. When you leave the live video stream up on the platform of your choice, you can view it later, and those who were unable to catch it live can watch it on replay.

Six Ways Live Streaming Connects You to Your Audience

The marketing funnel consists of three main areas; conversion, evaluation, and awareness. Your marketing strategy should consist of creating content for all three of these areas. This content will get your audience to know you, like you, and above all- trust you. Your end goal in this strategy is to get people to become repeat buyers.

These are six ways you can use live streaming as a part of each of the three marketing funnels:

Introduce your brand or services to your audience. Videos help you create a closer connection to potential customers. When you live stream, you are taking it up a notch with your engagements and interactivity. It will allow your audience to ask you questions and make comments.

Promote other platforms. Your marketing strategy more than likely includes having your content on two or more social networks. Consumers like to see content in different forms, so you want to create audio, photos, and text in various areas. Live streaming will allow you to promote the different platforms you use.

Demonstrations to show services or products on-camera. With live streaming, you can show consumers how your products or services will benefit them. You will then be able to answer questions and help them understand your product and get them to take the next action towards a sale.

Poll your audience regarding your content ideas and get feedback. With live streaming, you have the unique opportunity to perform a live survey. Ask your audience questions and get them to type in their feedback. You can use their responses as a means of deciding what your next live stream will contain.

Direct your audience to your website or landing page. Live streaming allows you to direct your audience to where you offer them something or to join a webinar. It is the perfect means of getting audiences to provide you with their email addresses and get them on your list.

Announce an event or sale. Live streaming gets your audience to trust you and your brand. Once you’ve earned this, you can tell them what to expect and how your brand is going to benefit them. If you are running a sale on specific products or services, you have the opportunity to share this information and direct them towards the sale.

Live streaming does not have to be a time-consuming or scary marketing strategy. Use this method as an additional tool in your overall strategy as a way to enhance what you already have in place. In the long run, when a consumer can connect with you through tools such as live streams, they will more easily connect to your brand.

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