Social media is a form of digital marketing you cannot skip, but what can you do if you are too busy to add that to your plate? Outsourcing is the answer! 98 Buck Social’s affordable social media plans make it easy for your business to start seeing a return on investment without spending all your time learning about social media!

Focus on what you do best. Whether you were juggling your social media or if you handed it off to an employee, you get to focus on the aspects of your business you are good at. When you take on a new responsibility you may know less about, it is a less efficient use of your time! We offer white label social media services if you are a marketing business and would like to incorporate our plans.

Get a fresh perspective. Hiring a business that specializes in social media help provide a fresh set of eyes on your marketing. If you feel like your content is tired and you are uninspired, those kinds of professionals know how to keep things new!

Access to different strategies. You shouldn’t have to waste time and money trying out different social media strategies in the hopes one will work. Social media marketers know what strategies work best and implement those from the start.

Provided with platform-specific knowledge. Each platform has a purpose in different industries. Our experts help you narrow down the best plans for your social media posting and your business! If you are direct-to-consumer or business-to-business you should be focusing on different platforms and content styles.

You don’t have to keep up with trends. Social media marketers love to keep up with trends, which means you don’t have to! These trends are fast-moving but important to understand when creating content that is engaging to users