These days there is a holiday for everything. Should you be participating in them? Our answer is YES! Because there are so many holidays, you will be able to find specific ones for your niche! People expect to see content reflect their world and the trends they see online. Daily holidays are one of those trends! If you join in, your content will be among the posts that are visible to new followers.

Posting silly holidays adds humor to your account. Many brands see a lot of growth by showing their silly side. It builds trust in your business and reminds people that humans are behind your social media accounts. By breaking down your seriousness occasionally, your followers will see you can have fun with them!

Using the holiday hashtags increases reach. By using the hashtags for the holidays, you are sharing your content with a wider audience who may be searching for similar posts. When you use 98 Buck Social’s affordable social media services we always create posts with hashtags so they have the maximum reach it possibly can!

Trendy content is incredibly popular on social media and it is more likely to be boosted by the algorithm. This is an easy trick for cheap social media marketing. It will also be very fun to show your audience you are participating! Create holiday challenges for your followers to do too!

Holiday posts can bring in more engagement. Often, you can utilize fun holidays to jazz up traditionally “boring” industries and increase your engagement. There are holidays that will be relevant to your business but think outside of the box and add fun holidays to your social media posting! If you want to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, make an Instagram story of your team going out for a cone during your lunch breaks!