When you create a business account on certain social media platforms you get access to insightful information that can help guide your success. But if you don’t choose goals to start, how will you know if you are actually successful?

Why you should set goals

Help you measure your success. By focusing on data and choosing goals that can be measured you will be able to tell if you have actually reached your goal. You can track clicks, engagement, reach, and followers through the social media analytics built in the apps.

Holds you accountable. Your social media posting can be a creative outlet, but as a business you should still have a relevant reason for being present there. Having a goal holds you accountable so you start to think critically about what you post.

Allows you to stick to a budget. Whether you are spending money on graphics or cheap Facebook ads, you probably have a budget you need to stick to. Having a measurable goal makes it easy to know if your money is well spent or if you need to adjust your plans.

Goals save you time. Having a goal you can track can mean saving time if something stops working. Sometimes the algorithm can change overnight and your engagement drops. When you are watching your metrics, you will be able to shift your affordable social media marketing quickly.

SMART Goals vs OKR

Now that we have convinced you to set goals you should also know there are two main types of goal tracking: SMART goals and OKR goals.

Specific: Be clear about your goals, like using specific numbers or timelines.

Measureable: Find a metric you can track your goal with.

Attainable: Goals can seem hard to reach but they should be something you can achieve.

Relevant: Make sure your goal ties into your business objectives.

Timely: Set a deadline to help you reach your goal.

OKR means Objectives and Key Results. OKR goals are not meant to be fully achieved, two thirds achievement is seen as a success. You need to answer two questions:

Where do we want to go? This provides your objective.

How will we pace ourselves to see if we are getting there? This provides your key results (or milestones).