Despite its start as a photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram is heavily pushing video to creators. If you want your affordable social media marketing to be effective, it is time to start implementing more videos into your strategy. 

Types of Instagram Video

Stories. Instagram Stories are one of the platform’s most used features and have many benefits for businesses. Currently, Stories are the only place you can include a clickable link. These types of videos are ephemeral since they only last 24 hours. 

Feed Videos. This type of video was the only way you could upload a video on Instagram for a very long time. There used to be an additional video format called IGTV but now Instagram Feed Videos work the same way. They can be up to one hour long, so you have a lot more creative freedom with this format.  

Reels. We have talked a lot about Reels and their place in Instagram marketing. There are a lot more opportunities for engagement with Reels than traditional photo posts. Make sure you always record in vertical portrait mode and keep up with current trends. 

Instagram Live. Live streams are a great opportunity to directly connect with your followers and host workshops and interviews. Lives can last up to four hours and now you can tag your products for live shopping. 

Tips for Increased Engagement

Have a hook. You need to capture your viewers’ attention in the first three seconds or they will swipe away. Give people a reason to keep watching either for visual appeal or the content. Also never forget a good caption in your social media posting. 

Create your videos for mobile users. Most people use Instagram on their phones so your videos should be in portrait mode most of the time. If you are posting a longer in-feed video it can work in landscape too. Users are able to open up the full-screen view and turn their phones horizontally.

Provide value. In every video you share, the value you are providing should be clear and simple. Whether it is entertainment or education, your intent with your video should be to give something to the viewer.