Has Google My Business (GMB) joined the ranks of the other major social media platforms? The answer is a little bit complicated. People can follow your business like other social media sites but it is best used as a platform to promote your business in ways that improve your search engine ranking!

Why You Should Use Google My Business

Potential customers see your Google My Business when searching. When customers search in Google, your GMB always shows up at the top of the page with the sponsored sites. It is almost guaranteed your customers will see your page!

Low-time investment with a high payoff. Because your GMB is one of the first listings on the search page, you can spend less time making your posts and you will see a big payoff. Your basic information only tells customers your address, hours, and reviews. With your GMB social media posting, you can get more customers’ attention. 

Brick and mortar businesses see more growth. The businesses that see the most payoff from GMB posts are those with physical locations. Google My Business highlights your location and your posts drive people to you. 

Tips for Your Posts

Special offers. An offer entices potential customers to choose your business over a competitor! If they search for lunches in the area and see you have a special meal deal, you can get one more customer.

Share your space. Give your audience an insight into your brick-and-mortar location with photo posts of your space. Your target audience will enjoy seeing your branding and displays before they walk into your store or restaurant. 

Post important updates. Do you need to close unexpectedly or have special holiday hours? Your posts can include any updates you want your customers to know if they come across your GMB. It can help avoid any frustrations or confusion.

Highlight upcoming events. Just as you’d promote events in your affordable social media marketing, you should always include it in your GMB posts! Your reach for the event will be further and you may notice bigger attendance. 

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