Social media has an interesting place in marketing for many reasons but one is the potential to use pop culture. Traditional marketing formats tend to have longer campaigns, so if a sports team loses a game or a new reality TV show releases, you can’t incorporate it into your messaging. Social media, however, is very fast-paced. You can shift your social media posting within a week to account for new trends in pop culture.

Before you start incorporating pop culture into your affordable social media marketing, you need to know your audience. Will they understand the references you are making? The kind of pop culture you use on your accounts will change depending on your audience. Everything from sports, celebrities, cultural moments, holidays, TV, and movies is considered pop culture so you have a lot of topics to choose from.

Why you should use it:

Pop culture posts make your brand come across more human and authentic. The days of cold authoritative marketing are over. There is a time and a place to be professional and social media marketing isn’t always the place. When you make topical references, you show your audience you are more than a business and there are humans behind your brand!

This type of content will usually gain more traffic. Trending pop culture posts do better on social media platforms than promotional posts because a larger audience enjoys and engages with them. 98 Buck Social tries to vary the posts we create so your brand’s marketing succeeds!

You can do it softly. If you are a law office, you don’t have to start posting about reality TV shows. You can keep things relatively professional by sharing the funny holidays that are related to your industry.

It makes it easy to fill your content calendar. Incorporating pop culture into your social media means you have more ideas for your content. It stretches out when you last promoted a product or service and added entertainment for your followers!