We get it! Promoting your business on social media is hard. Gaining organic growth takes a long time and as a small business, you don’t always have time. It can be very enticing to buy followers but there are some important reasons you shouldn’t! 

Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Followers

Instagram can tell. The main goal of most social media platforms is to promote authenticity, and fake followers are NOT authentic. Instagram has been cracking down on bots on its platform since 2018 and is constantly on the hunt. They know what to look for and punish accounts that interact with them.

It will damage your analytics. When you buy followers, your follower count will be high, but your engagement levels will be low. Fake followers do not interact with your social media posting. It will also be hard to figure out if you are reaching your marketing goals because of your decreased engagement. 

You will lose social media partnerships. From a quick look through your account, any future partners will know something is wrong. You may have an appealing number of followers visible on your profile, but fake followers do not interact with your content as real ones do. Any future plans you have for Influencer marketing and co-marketing partnerships will be affected by this. 

Real users won’t want to follow you. Real users won’t want to follow you for the same reasons that influencers or brands won’t want to work with you. Even if the fake followers leave simple comments, real users see this as spammy. They may think your business is also fake or a scam. The last thing you want to do is destroy trust. 

What You Should Do Instead

Host a giveaway. If you really want to increase your follower count faster, a giveaway is the best method. You will get real followers and will increase your brand awareness. 

Buy ads. Spend your money on ads, not followers! Affordable social media ads increase your reach and allow you to specify your target audience. 

Focus on making amazing content. Real people will want to follow your Instagram account if you are sharing valuable content. If you are noticing your posts aren’t performing well try to shift to educational and helpful posts. 

Build relationships. Connect with your existing followers before focusing too much energy on finding new ones. Respond to them in the comments or in your direct messages. Word of mouth is still a very important marketing tool.