COVID-19 has many businesses facing a crisis they never imagined could occur. It has brought about many questions regarding how a company can market on social media during these uncertain times. As people around the world–as well as your business–have started to adjust to these new normals of social distancing, your media managers have most likely begun scrambling to pivot their campaigns.

Stay Connected and Consistent with Social Media
It’s more important than ever to continue your connections through social media. People across the country are now relying on these connections as their primary source of information and entertainment. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have experienced a forty percent increase in usage.
The increase in usage does not mean, however, that it is business as usual. You have to understand what is appropriate and what is essential for you to be posting on your social media sites during this crisis.

How to Stay Consistent Through the COVID-19 Crisis with Social Media
Your business cannot stop marketing or selling, and that includes using social media platforms to keep your brand’s name out there and alive. Your customers are spending more time online than they ever have, so this can present a unique opportunity to deepen your relationships with your customers.
You do not, however, want to continue business as usual, or you could risk coming across as insensitive to the crisis at hand and its impact on your customers. This crisis is going to present social media managers with unique challenges that will continue to change day by day. It will be essential to your strategies to come across as human as possible while still maintaining your marketing and selling.

Tips for Social Media Marketing During COVID-19 Crisis
These are new times with challenges we have not encountered nor expected to encounter. There are tips to offer during this time that have not been tried or tested strategies, but they can provide you with principles to apply in your media marketing to help you rethink your posts and make new decisions as this crisis evolves:
Acknowledge and listen- Your marketing strategy cannot pretend like everything is normal, as it will have you coming across as insincere. Your customers need to know you are acknowledging and listening to our new normals. An example could be telling them how you are promoting sales to keep your employees working even though times like these are hard to sell products.

Keep up your posts
Your customers are going to be spending a lot more time online, and you want to maintain your connections with them. You may want to change your focus to sharing content that aligns with your brand values if selling your services or products is not realistic right now.

Display empathy
COVID-19 is impacting everyone’s life, but for some, it affects them differently. You have to think outside of your situation and display understanding for your customers. You do not have to mention COVID-19 in all your content. There are some who would like to have a way of escaping all the news and mention of this virus. But at the same time have to realize some of your customers have lost their jobs and some even their loved ones. Acknowledge that you understand how difficult times are and that not everyone may be able to take advantage of your offers ‘right now.’

Your social media content should also include how COVID-19 has affected you and your industry. Your customers need to know you, too, are suffering during this crisis. These principles should help you as your business and marketing team struggle to navigate through these difficult days. We’ll all get through this!

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