More than ninety percent of online experiences start with a search engine. Now more than ever, you need a tactical and well-organized local SEO if you want to get ahead of the competition. While you may feel being a locally owned business gets you the attention you need, you will be amazed at how more effective a local SEO can do to increase your sales.

Website Traffic Will Increase

When potential customers type in their search, you want your business to rank as high as possible. Using the right phrases and keywords are the key to attaining this ranking. Studies show that about eighteen percent of searches follow the number one position on a search result. It drops to about ten percent of people following their search through to the second position, and about seven percent will click on the third position. This ranking shows how important local SEO leading to that first position will be to your business.

Local SEO is Here to Stay

Utilizing local SEO is being done by your competitors, and it is here to stay. Your competitors are vying for those first positions, so you have to stay on top and consistently maintain that position. The importance of local SEO is only going to increase over time, so implementing a strategy now will only benefit your business.
You can continue to use the best practices and a tactical strategy on maintaining your local SEO by staying well educated and updated on the trends. By keeping yourself updated on current trends for local SEO, you will increase your chances of remaining in the number one position of potential customer searches.

Local SEO Helps Build Business Awareness and Credibility

When a potential customer can conduct a search and find your business link, you are correctly optimizing local SEO. If this search brings them to your link, which in turn takes them to your high-quality website, you are building credibility and trust in this consumer.
By a potential customer following their search to your website, you have just increased your chances of them choosing your brand over your competitors. The goal is to have a consumer’s search take them to your website where they will discover a clean and productive experience.
It may take time to build this authority within your website as many elements are needed to make it successful, such as:
-Positive user behavior
-Optimized on-page content and elements
-Quality backlink profiles
-Machine-learning signals

While these elements will take effort, patience, and commitment to instill in your site, it will mean you are offering a quality, valuable service or product. These efforts will pay off when your customers have learned to trust your business. If you simply don’t have the time, you could always outsource your SEO (98 buck social offers affordable SEO to small businesses).
When you make your business highly visible as a trusted resource by Google or any other search engine, it will work in your business’s favor. Quality local SEO, along with a high-quality website, is going to see your business reaching a new success.


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