98 Buck Social Academy Course

Social Media

Is a great way for small businesses to improve their digital presence and compete in online markets. Yet, it’s going to take budget, time, skills, and human capital to gain visibility, all of which many small businesses don’t have.

The Academy

That’s why we pioneered a model for highly effective, low-cost social media marketing at a price every small business can afford. Fees under $100, no long-term commitment for clients, they pay as they go. Minimum risk for you to get started, high-profit margins, a low-effort, low-time investment. The 98 Buck Social Academy will teach you how to accomplish all this.

The Benefits of the 98 Buck Social Academy

The Academy includes a roadmap to profitability in 30 days – a value proposition, business model, marketing and sales activities, and plenty more. Along with the roadmap we provide modules covering a wide range of topics, from starting your company and growing your client base to reaching high-profit margins.





Everything you need to know about the 98 Buck Social Academy.
Introduction to the Academy – 28 mins – 567 MB


Social Media Marketing Basics

Getting started with the fundamentals of successful social media marketing.
Social Media Marketing Basics – 23 mins – 463 MB
Hashtag Usage Guidelines – 357 KB


Starting Your Social Media Marketing Agency

Step by step how to prepare yourself to start a social media marketing business in preparation of getting clients.
Starting Your Own Social Media Agency – 38 mins – 1.02 GB


Sales Strategies – Getting Clients

Get clients without spending any money on marketing.
Sales Strategies to Get New Clients – 38 mins – 837 MB
Sales Script Templates – 376 KB


Onboarding New Clients

You have your first social media marketing client! This is what you need to do to get them ready to start service.
Onboarding New Clients – 19 mins – 433 MB
Onboarding Email Template – 359 KB
Social Media Management Intake Form – 240 KB


Creating Social Media Content for Clients Like a Pro

The “ins and outs” of creating unique, high-quality content for your clients, and quickly!
Creating Social Media Content for Clients Like a Pro – 34 mins – 948 MB


The 98 Buck Social Dashboard

Best-in-class social media marketing software platform, designed for scalable agencies!
The 98 Buck Social Dashboard – 20 mins – 485 MB
98 Buck Dashboard Platform Documentation – 3.91 MB


Building an Audience for Clients on Social Media

Now that we have great content flowing, what’s next? Getting followers.
Building an Audience for Your Clients on Social Media – 15 mins – 257 MB


Basic Facebook/Instagram Advertising Strategies

Basic and quick campaigns to help your clients build an audience on their social media platforms, and increase engagement with targeted prospects.
Basic Facebook/Instagram Advertising Strategies – 29 mins – 620 MB


Advanced Facebook/Instagram Advertising Strategies

Create ads that generate leads and sales. Ultimately, what every client wants.
Advanced Social Advertising Strategies and Lead Generation – 35 mins – 644 MB

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