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Chris Heuwetter

Chris Heuwetter

CEO & Founder

What do you get when you mix a Madison Avenue PR executive with a computer science-loving techie? One hell of a social media growth hacker.

Chris spent the first half of his career working his way up the corporate PR agency ladder, working at both world-class firms and tech-specific boutiques in New York City. As an early adopter, with a strong background in programming and Web development from high school and college, he had his eye on social media from the very beginning.

Chris was the first of his friends on the pioneer social network “friendster,” and one of the first to customize their MySpace profile with elaborate HTML. Already established as a successful account executive before Facebook took hold, he spent a great deal of time convincing senior management that social media was the future of PR, and he was right.

During 2008-2010 Chris was the social media director for a large NYC PR firm, flying around the world introducing social media communications services for the very first time as offered by a PR firm. Major brands were intrigued, signing up left and right, and he knew this was his calling. Chris had the chance to work with prolific brands such as American Express, Ford, Aruba Tourism, Hewlett Packard and many others on their trailblazing social media campaigns.

2010 brought the founding of his own agency, and he hasn’t looked back since. SilverSky Agency is the digital marketing and creative house, where we offer modern and effective Web development along with cutting-edge design work. 98 Buck Social is the social media powerhouse, with over 700 active clients and growing, our social media marketing agency specializes in custom, high-quality social media marketing services and audience growth at a price point any business can afford. We get results, and Chris’ team strives to be the very best in this price category.

Clint Cobia

Clint Cobia

Vice President of Business Development

Clint is a ginger, and a man of many talents. After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard he went on to receive degrees in Marketing, Business Management, and Digital Marketing from Florida Atlantic University. Right out of college he dedicated his life to the growth and development of businesses, which in turn sparked his obsession for sales and digital marketing.

Being a Florida boy, hunter, and an avid fisherman Clint started his sales and marketing career in the industry he was most passionate about, the marine industry. He started with smaller businesses and was eventually recruited to run the sales department for a multi-million-dollar internet startup. There, he created and implemented sales processes that were directly responsible for growing sales revenues almost 400% to over $200,000 monthly in a little over a year. Clint worked hand in hand with the marketing department during this growth to ensure the business’ success, which sparked an even deeper interest in digital marketing. After learning as much as possible in the startup world and investing in himself he branched out on his own and started an internet marketing company. Through his business he honed his SEO, web design, Facebook marketing, and SEM skills, effectively making him the nerdiest outdoorsman in all of Florida, and a perfect fit for 98 Buck Social!

Emily Budrys

Emily Budrys

Social Media Accounts Director

Emily Budrys is a creative mastermind and member of the good vibe tribe, using her gift of thinking outside of the box to make the world of marketing a little more funky. Her background in the arts bolsters her unique perspective; a lifelong modern dancer, she graduated with a degree in Dance Performance from Palm Beach Atlantic University, constantly pushing the boundaries of her craft with bold curiosity. While in school, she also pursued creative writing and exercise science, writing articles and poems for alternative health practitioners and other eccentric kindred-spirits.

As a self-made expert in Social Media Marketing, Emily started the Marketing plan for a variety of local businesses and friends, specializing in connecting them to their ultimate audience, stunning and personalized photo styling and uplifting content. Through a life spent obsessed with performance, visual and literary art, Emily has found that Social Media Marketing is the perfect arena to bring together her passions and help businesses flourish.

Her favorite things to do when she’s not Instagramming are traveling, free-diving, dancing, yoga, and getting lost in a good book.

Allie Summers

Allie Summers

Director of Operations / On-Boarding Director

Allie Summers is a relationship builder, creative thinker, and overall go-getter, and does it all with a positive attitude and smile on her face. She comes from Fayetteville, Arkansas, a hotbed for startups, where she got her start in digital marketing after getting her degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Arkansas (woo pig!).

After landing an internship her senior year with a digital marketing startup, she quickly learned the ins and the outs of running full scale digital marketing campaigns and went to work. The internship turned into a full time job, where she coordinated a complete marketing overhaul for her company.

Allie was given the green light to start managing all client relationships for her company, and then became the director of all digital communications, where her love of people, communication, and design came together. She oversaw the hiring process for the internship program, and led a team of three interns. After working at a summer camp for four summers in college, she realized she loved being able to guide people as they navigate different life situations, so being able to lead an internship team was very rewarding.

As one of Florida’s newest residents, Allie loves to explore her new town. Whether it’s going on a walk, swimming in the ocean, or trying a new restaurant, Allie loves learning about the area. In her spare time, she enjoys binging tv shows on Netflix, spending time with friends and family, and watching baseball games with her husband.

Katie Tress

Katie Tress

Social Media Account Supervisor

Katie Tress, our resident office mom, has been online before most people understood what the Internet was. Daughter to an aviation engineer, she spent time in the early 80’s writing her father at work when the internet was just a black screen for messaging purposes.

As AOL made it’s debut, so did Katie by jumping feet first into the world of social media, handwriting HTML code & designing graphics for various websites. While just a hobby, at first, she soon realized the power of social media and developed a true passion for it. Early on, several of her web site designs and skills were featured in numerous music magazines & on MTV.

Validating her love for social and her desire to always improve, she snagged herself an associates degree in Web Design & Development from New England Institute of Technology and ran several successful online design companies.

Over the years Katie has developed an invaluable ability to recognize and create effective social media experiences and platforms. Her cutting edge instincts and approach bridges the blend of Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials alike. She is a consummate professional and does all she can to keep everyone of her clients happy. No matter the size of the company or scope of work, Katie brings excellence every time.

In her spare time, you can find Katie either front row with her teen daughter at concerts, chasing her three younger kids around at the beach or advocating for the needs of people around the globe with World Help. World Help is a huge part of who Katie is. It speaks to her heart and it transfers over to her work for them. She has been their social media advocate for over 5 years running and through her efforts she has helped champion causes for clean water reaching thousands around the globe while managing to raise tens of thousands of dollars by applying her expertise through smart marketing techniques and channels.

A personal trainer, she also runs a fitstagram (@katietressfit) where she combines her love for family, fitness, and humanitarian work.

Sierra Scanlon

Sierra Scanlon

Social Media Marketing Manager

I have always been in love with every creative detail that goes into a project. I like to think of myself as the person you come to for the perfect date night outfit, gift for your best friend, or how to make any space feel Zen. Studying abroad has given me exposure to lifestyles and cultures that I incorporate into all aspects of my life. There isn’t much I haven’t tried, from law school to lifestyle blogger and anything in between. Over the years I have always received questions about my personal style, makeup, and opinions on just about everything, so I turned them into a blog. So Fashie is a great outlet that my readers can find fashion tips, makeup how-to’s (from a non-artist), and interior design ideas. Every single part of So Fashie, from the photography to social media managing, was done by me and makes it super personal. I love being creative for not just myself but, everyone around me. I started out using the internet for myself and later took on accounts for everyone around me. Getting into social media was a natural fit for me and gave me the ability to help others strategically use social media to their benefit. From small agricultural businesses to makeup branding pages, I have taken on the task of giving the customer the exact statement they want their company to make. Initially the vastness of platforms can be overwhelming and that’s where I sought to make it easy. Social media and marketing doesn’t have to be hard and I’m the perfect example of taking your passion and turning it into a career that never feels like “work”. 

Autism and the community surrounding it has become a great passion of mine.  In recent years I have had the pleasure of working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in gaining employment and life skills with local community businesses. When I’m not busy running a lifestyle blog or being a mom, I love to box and research runway shows. I stay ahead of every new fashion season trend and am a regular at my local boxing club. I also love food, and take my passion for a good foodie experience to the next level. As a Florida native I pretty much know all the best recommendations. Running around Disney with my daughter and watching some terrible reality TV for blog ideas are my idea of a perfect day.

Kat Darnell

Kat Darnell

Social Media Marketing Manager

I’m the variety-seeking type, spontaneous, versatile and free spirited. I’m a growth-oriented right brain learning to balance the weight of my own ambitions. I’m driven by my intense curiosity and zest for life. I’m a mountain dreaming, coffee drinking, indie-rock junkie on the pursuit to do more things in life than humanly possible.

I’m also a throbbing, passionate creative with more ideas than I know what to do with. When I’m not shooting digital and film photography I’m building my portfolio in modeling, vintage styling or creative directing. I also draw, paint, and do storyboard art.

Growing up a millennial I got my first phone when I was only 9 years old. (yep.) I watched the age of social media blossom right before my eyes. From the beginning stages of myspace, to the first youtube sensations and even the OG reddit platform I’ve seen it all. At first these were just another creative outlet for me to express myself. I quickly fell in love with social media and all it had to offer. It has now become my visual journal along with my personal brand.

Which led me here, 98 Buck Social. Where I can utilize my brainstorming abilities to maximize message impact for creative and promotional purposes. It is the perfect place for me to merge all of my talents into one. It gives me the opportunity to use my rapidly moving creative mind to generate one idea to the next, while still being able to hit every stage of the creative process.

Lauren Anthony

Lauren Anthony

Social Media Marketing Manager

Florida native and recent graduate of Florida State University, Lauren enjoys being outdoors soaking up the sun every chance she gets. She is an adventure seeker who loves new experiences and challenges that come her way. During her free time you can find her hiking a mountain, paddleboarding, scuba diving or even zip lining through the smoky mountains. Lauren has been an athlete most of her life focusing mainly on soccer and running over the years. Her life as an athlete has shown that she is a true team player, is disciplined and extremely dedicated. Looking for a new way to test her competitive nature, she has developed her strengths and determination to succeed through CrossFit. With her healthy lifestyle as an athlete and interest in anything fitness she obtained a degree in Exercise Physiology expanding her knowledge and expertise in that area.

Early on Lauren learned to express her creative visual passion through photography. Capturing art through a lens enabled her to show the world how using different angles and perspectives could provide a visually artistic view on life. Her creative eye along with an incredible visual memory has provided success in many different avenues of life. Lauren’s calm, cool personality and attention to detail allows her to work with many different personalities, environments and products. Although somewhat of a minimalist, with a simplistic take on life, Lauren is able to focus on important facts creating a positive result in her work and adapting easily to new situations.

Combining her passion of social media and love for animals, Lauren has designed an Instagram page dedicated entirely to finding homes for rescue puppies. Here she is able to highlight the incredible need for fostering and seeking permanent homes for these animals. Lauren is so passionate about promoting the adoption of rescue dogs that she has fostered several puppies over the past year determined to find them loving homes and families. This is just one of the many positive ways she lives her life by example.

Brittany Arnold

Brittany Arnold

Social Media Marketing Manager

I’m a creative, open-minded girl who’s always looking for the next adventure. Traveling, writing and reading are a few of my favorite things. I’m a born and raised Florida girl, although I’m drawn to the mountains.

I’ve loved writing since I learned how to read, and made short stories when I was younger. Throughout my high school years, I kept up with writing, and wrote tons of poetry. That led me to creating my blog, Weekends and Wellness. I’ve always looked for a creative outlet where I could help people along the way, and that’s what Weekends and Wellness brought me. Wellness and health tips, travel stories and my poetry are posted there. Eventually, I’m going to release a poetry book and I’ll be the next big author in Barnes and Noble (just kidding!)

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and would love to be a travel writer in the future. Being on social media constantly brought me to 98 Buck Social. I’ve loved every aspect of social media since I was on MySpace in middle school (and wasn’t allowed to be). Growing up in this generation, I’ve seen every platform grow and have gotten to love all the different things about each.

98 Buck Social lets me utilize all of my creative skills. Every day is different and it’s so exciting to be able to throw all of my talents into every person and company. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me!

Amanda Brocksmith

Amanda Brocksmith

Social Media Marketing Manager

I’m a born and raised Floridian who loves the beach, my dog and the Gators. I received a Bachelors of Science in Advertising from the University of Florida and while I was there I started my a small business, Blue House Bikinis. I fell in love with marketing and social media though doing it for my brand and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my talents with you! In my spare time you can find me designing my next swimsuit collection or snuggling up with my pup (the cutest chihuahua mix you ever did see) to binge watch The Office (the best TV show ever).

As a fellow small business owner I understand the struggles you face when trying to promote and establish your brand on a small budget. I am passionate about helping other businesses succeed and get off the ground through their marketing efforts. I have experience creating content for all social media platforms but by far my favorite to work on is Instagram! I’m a stickler for keeping up to date on all the trends and I’m always trying to figure out what content will get the best results. My specialties lie in fashion/lifestyle brands but I’m always excited to get to know the different industries that social media has made its way into!

Holly McClung

Holly McClung

Social Media Marketing Manager

Ever since technology exploded in the late 90’s I have been obsessed with learning new information and the ability to look up anything and everything in a matter of seconds. I have always been a quick reader and excellent writer (math on the other hand is another story) and take pride in my work. Like many millennials I love social media and keep up to date on what’s trending. Becoming a part of the 98 Buck Social team allows me to merge what I enjoy doing in my free time and helping clients reach out to the public in a way that I would be intrigued as a consumer.

I attended the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies with my focus on the Arts and Communication filed. I also have completed my minor in Mass Culture and Collective Behavior which is a sociology-based field centering on pop culture, religion, sports, leisure, music, and focuses to some extent on how people consume goods and resources in society making it an excellent choice for marketing and social media work.

When I’m not working or writing papers I enjoy cuddling my two cats, Bug and Trouble, travelling, and enjoying a good night out with friends.

Vince Zampelli

Vince Zampelli

Client Coordinator

Vince brings high energy and a positive attitude to the workplace everyday which makes for exciting times for the team and the clients of 98 Buck Social. Born in the northeast and schooled at James Madison University, Vince was active in sports and academia. His thirst for knowledge awarded him multiple achievements in the fields of alternative energy and entrepreneurship. Fitness and sports have always been passions in Vince’s life and he brings that competitive edge and mindset to every task he handles. Outside of work, Vince plays in multiple yearly fantasy football leagues, is in the gym each day, and loves to go on adventures exploring new places.

With a background mostly in science and engineering, Vince began to reach out and see the importance of business and bringing scientific concepts to market. Therefore, he set out to add on Entrepreneurship to his major in college while bringing two athletic training products to market. After working two years traveling the country for a proprietary software engineer firm, Vince honed his sales and business prowess for Audi America followed by a personal training/director of sales position at a private fitness studio. Here he saw the value of personal connections and his clientele growth was regularly applauded. Coming full circle, Vince has met his goal of working for a rapidly growing business which is none other than 98 Buck Social in Florida.

Christina Combate

Christina Combate

Customer Service & Website Chat Manager

  • 5 star rating  98BuckSocial has been an awesome partner for our social media needs. Sierra has been excellent to work with, and has been a true partner in helping us work our social media plan. I would highly recommend 98BuckSocial to anyone who is looking for a resource to be more consistent in their social media posting!

    Melinda Morella-Olson Avatar Melinda Morella-Olson

    5 star rating  98 Buck Social's work and creativity has been simply amazing. We highly recommend their services to all business owners large and small! Thanks for being a great partner.

    Orlena Ballard Avatar Orlena Ballard

    5 star rating  98 Bucks have managed our social media channels for the last two years with impeccable consistency and on topic content every time. Their posts have garnered interest for our offerings. I would recommend them to any firm looking for hassle free & dependable social media management service.

    Somnath Biswas Avatar Somnath Biswas
  • 5 star rating  Excellent service for my real estate business! They pull listings and put together high-quality postings for my social media pages.

    Gracia Francois Brutus Avatar Gracia Francois Brutus

    5 star rating  I love this company so much! The owner is A1!!!! and his team is the best in the world!!! I can rest easy knowing that they are handling ALL of my clients needs. They have me for life!

    Michael Wood Avatar Michael Wood

    5 star rating  Very happy with the team and the results. Highly recommend working with them.

    John Claude Avatar John Claude
  • 5 star rating  Chris is on point! Attentive, great attitude and great results!

    Steven Dale Avatar Steven Dale

    5 star rating  Thanks to the team over at 98 Buck Social I can know that no matter what happens each day that my social media content and marketing is taken care of! For this price I can't imagine why a smart business owner wouldn't take advantage of such a great service. High quality services with unbeatable prices!

    Marc Broder Avatar Marc Broder

    4 star rating  As a business owner there never is enough time in the day to manage all aspects of your business. I've been looking to increase my exposure and web presence but not my forte nor do I have the time. 98 Buck Social is just what I needed to help take a load off and still have peace of mind. Well worth the $$.

    Elliot Glass Avatar Elliot Glass
  • 5 star rating  98 Buck Social is very easy to work with. They are passionate about what they do and representing your brand.

    Lynn Hurd Avatar Lynn Hurd

    5 star rating  Stumbled across 98 Buck Social while looking for assistance with our social media marketing. 98 dollars a month base package sounded almost too good to be true but turned out it was indeed very real. What we needed was to have consistent social media posting related to photography, videography, and specifically to our company. We were matched with Kat, who is a photographer herself, and she has seriously done an incredible job. It's impressive really. Now we can focus our attention doing the stuff that only we can do to get this business rolling! Thank you Kat and 98 Buck Social!

    Danyul Kenneth Nutt Avatar Danyul Kenneth Nutt

    5 star rating  These guys are amazing and all for only 98 bucks, say what 😱 😱

    Chris Cota Avatar Chris Cota
  • 5 star rating  98 Buck has been a great asset to our business and our social media platform. I highly recommend their services.

    Chris Cope Avatar Chris Cope

    5 star rating  98 Buck Social is the very best in what they do. The quality of the service is exceptional and everyone on the staff is very professional and extremely responsive.

    Larry Goldstick Avatar Larry Goldstick

    5 star rating  Came across 98 Buck Social when searching for social media marketing assistance. The customer service and care that is provided is superb! Every person I have interacted with in the company is professional, knowledgable and makes each contact personal making me feel that am a valued customer. You can actually speak to someone unlike other services where it's an email or chat bot! Kat is my content creator for my social media platforms and her attention to detail and care with my brand are above and beyond. Working with Kat I have gained a level of trust that allows me to focus on other details of the business. Looking forward to the continued partnership!

    Lisa Chen Avatar Lisa Chen
  • 5 star rating  I was directed to 98 Buck through a friend from college, and the experience has been absolutely incredible. When you consider "Price vs. Value," their services are a no-brainer. Add to that the terrific team Chris has built, especially Katie and Allie, and you know that your own business will be well cared for. If you more interested in B2B services, they can handle that as well, giving you a real advantage in the marketplace. Look forward to working with them for many years to come!

    Michael Carroll Avatar Michael Carroll

    5 star rating  Love 98 Buck Social, and Katie is amazing! They do it the best, and my social media has improved significantly. Thanks guys!

    Christy Harp Avatar Christy Harp

    5 star rating  If your looking to increase your business and your social media marketing you have to use 98 Buck Social! The content they have created for my company can't be matched. True professionals! The Real Deal!

    John Savarese Avatar John Savarese
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    Troy Wagner Avatar Troy Wagner

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    Wendi Grafe Avatar Wendi Grafe

    5 star rating  Great company, and Chris Heuwetter is great. I was really impressed with everything that they did for us. You should check them out.

    Steven M. Cohen Avatar Steven M. Cohen
  • 5 star rating  98 Buck Social manages the marketing for my massage business in Miami. We do Facebook advertising, Instagram, Instagram Growth, and boosting my Google Places. Great quality service for a price appropriate for my business! Enjoy working with the team.

    Nelson Sands Avatar Nelson Sands

    5 star rating  Love these guys - simply the best: creative, smart, fast, efficient, responsive, and best of all, super affordable. Great for brands and even better, agencies like mine who want to outsource their social media marketing.

    Yehuda Meiteles Avatar Yehuda Meiteles

    5 star rating  What a great company! Chris and the crew on point with your needs and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommended them to anyone that needs more exposure for their business.

    Preston Halstead Avatar Preston Halstead
  • 5 star rating  I personally used 98 buck social for 2 of my 3 businesses. The 2 that I used it for produced more social media growth in the first 2 months than my 3rd has in 4 years. I would highly recommend this service to anyone, especially if you're skilled in the field of your individual business, but learning your way through social media marketing.

    Nick Habich Avatar Nick Habich

    5 star rating  Chris and his team are wonderful and I highly recommend them!

    Anna Bordner Avatar Anna Bordner

    5 star rating  Phenomenal service and Chris is the best at what he does!!!

    Craig Avera Avatar Craig Avera
  • 5 star rating  If your looking for an awesome partner to add to your social media team. Look for Kat, she always is there for us. No matter the time or date, she responds, gives input and produces results!!!

    Lynn Smith Avatar Lynn Smith

    5 star rating  98 buck social is by far the best in social media services. I've looked everywhere and no one can compare to their prices and what they offer you. From the 24/7 super fast and friendly customer service to the very fast interaction we create into building the brand; we could not be happier. Working with them was definitely the right choice! Thank you 98 buck social!

    Georgetown Allure Avatar Georgetown Allure

    5 star rating  The 98 Buck Social team is consistent in their delivery all the way through the process. Not only are they friendly, and quick, they have been amazingly responsive to specific requests I had. Adjustments I needed to keep my own social network highly personalized and beautiful were handled professionally and with visual finesse. I just love them!

    Beth Dharmini Robertson Avatar Beth Dharmini Robertson
  • 5 star rating  98 Buck Social is the real deal! Thought is may be "too good to be true" for the price. I used them for 2 of our business and they are very consistent and do exactly what they say they will do. The best thing I can say is that they are very responsive and the posts are done very professional. We have seen a large increase in engagement on our social platforms since we signed up with 98 Buck Social. I would highly recommend them.

    Brian Meyer Avatar Brian Meyer

    5 star rating  Sierra has been fantastic to work with and has quickly understood the needs of our company. Her response time is fast and her post are always on message. I would highly recommend 98 buck social.

    Richard DeMerchant Avatar Richard DeMerchant

    5 star rating  If you are looking to boost your social media presence these guys are it. Great work, great to work with and they get results.

    Scotty Angelo Avatar Scotty Angelo
  • 5 star rating  98 Buck Social has done a wonderful job doing my social marketing in a way that is consistent and nicely supports my brand, PooVault. They are professional and conscientious. I highly recommend.

    Jessica Streib Avatar Jessica Streib