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Chris Heuwetter

Chris Heuwetter

CEO & Founder

What do you get when you mix a Madison Avenue PR executive with a computer science-loving techie? One hell of a social media growth hacker.

Chris spent the first half of his career working his way up the corporate PR agency ladder, working at both world-class firms and tech-specific boutiques in New York City. As an early adopter, with a strong background in programming and Web development from high school and college, he had his eye on social media from the very beginning.

Chris was the first of his friends on the pioneer social network “friendster,” and one of the first to customize their MySpace profile with elaborate HTML. Already established as a successful account executive before Facebook took hold, he spent a great deal of time convincing senior management that social media was the future of PR, and he was right.

During 2008-2010 Chris was the social media director for a large NYC PR firm, flying around the world introducing social media communications services for the very first time as offered by a PR firm. Major brands were intrigued, signing up left and right, and he knew this was his calling. Chris had the chance to work with prolific brands such as American Express, Ford, Aruba Tourism, Hewlett Packard and many others on their trailblazing social media campaigns.

2010 brought the founding of his own full-service digital agency, and he hasn’t looked back since. 98 Buck Social is a social media powerhouse with 26 full-time employees and over 1,000 active clients and growing. Our social media marketing agency specializes in custom, high-quality social media marketing services and audience growth at a price point any business can afford. We get results, and Chris’ team strives to be the very best in this price category.

Clint Cobia

Clint Cobia

Chief Operating Officer

Clint is a ginger, and a man of many talents. After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard he went on to receive degrees in Marketing, Business Management, and Digital Marketing from Florida Atlantic University. Right out of college he dedicated his life to the growth and development of businesses, which in turn sparked his obsession for sales and digital marketing.

Being a Florida boy, hunter, and an avid fisherman Clint started his sales and marketing career in the industry he was most passionate about, the marine industry. He started with smaller businesses and was eventually recruited to run the sales department for a multi-million-dollar internet startup. There, he created and implemented sales processes that were directly responsible for growing sales revenues almost 400% to over $200,000 monthly in a little over a year. Clint worked hand in hand with the marketing department during this growth to ensure the business’ success, which sparked an even deeper interest in digital marketing. After learning as much as possible in the startup world and investing in himself he branched out on his own and started an internet marketing company. Through his business he honed his SEO, web design, Facebook marketing, and SEM skills, effectively making him the nerdiest outdoorsman in all of Florida, and a perfect fit for 98 Buck Social!

Katie Tress

Katie Tress

Managing Director

Katie, a Florida native, is a marketing specialist and social media aficionado.

As AOL made its debut, so did Katie by jumping feet first into the world of social media, writing HTML code and designing graphics for websites in the early Photoshop days. While just a hobby at first, she soon realized the power of social media and developed a true passion for it. Validating her love for social and her desire to always improve, she snagged herself a degree in Web Design & Development and ran several successful web design companies in the early 00’s.

Over the years Katie has developed an invaluable ability to recognize and create effective social media experiences and campaigns. Her cutting edge instincts and approach bridges the blend of Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials alike. She is a consummate professional and does all she can to keep every one of her clients happy at 98 Buck Social. 

In her spare time, you can find Katie either front row with her teen daughter at concerts, chasing her three younger kids, or advocating for the needs of people around the globe with World Help. WH is a huge part of who Katie is. She has been their social media advocate for over 6 years running and through her efforts she has helped champion causes for clean water reaching thousands around the globe while managing to raise tens of thousands of dollars by applying her expertise through smart marketing techniques and channels.

Allie Summers

Allie Summers

Director of Operations / On-Boarding Director

Allie Summers is a relationship builder, creative thinker, and overall go-getter, and does it all with a positive attitude and smile on her face. She comes from Fayetteville, Arkansas, a hotbed for startups, where she got her start in digital marketing after getting her degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Arkansas (woo pig!).

After landing an internship her senior year with a digital marketing startup, she quickly learned the ins and the outs of running full scale digital marketing campaigns and went to work. The internship turned into a full time job, where she coordinated a complete marketing overhaul for her company.

Allie was given the green light to start managing all client relationships for her company, and then became the director of all digital communications, where her love of people, communication, and design came together. She oversaw the hiring process for the internship program, and led a team of three interns. After working at a summer camp for four summers in college, she realized she loved being able to guide people as they navigate different life situations, so being able to lead an internship team was very rewarding.

As one of Florida’s newest residents, Allie loves to explore her new town. Whether it’s going on a walk, swimming in the ocean, or trying a new restaurant, Allie loves learning about the area. In her spare time, she enjoys binging tv shows on Netflix, spending time with friends and family, and watching baseball games with her husband.

Steve Morman, MBA

Steve Morman, MBA

Sales Manager

Steve is a MBA graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater who is fulfilling a personal dream living in West Palm Beach, Florida. If Steve isn’t in the office drafting creative content he is either on the golf course, gaming with friends, or at the local pub. As a Wisconsinite by birth but a descendant of a Chicago family, Steve grew up controversially by being a diehard fan of the Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks. He attributes his outgoing and positive personality on the wonderful family and friends he has here and back home. Throughout various summers Steve has hiked through Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Teton and Glacier National Park; loving the mountains and the wilderness!

98 Buck Social is giving Steve the opportunity to gain valuable marketing experience to go along with his background in sales and management. Back in college Steve was the President of the UWW Disc Golf team with his crowning achievement of earning an invitation to the National Championships. Outside of campus, you could find Steve running the pool tables downtown. Looking forward, Steve is excited to continue sharpening his marketing skills with 98 Buck Social and begin his new life here in Florida.

Mallory Thomson

Mallory Thomson

Sales Associate

I was born and raised in Jupiter, Florida, but my heart is in Long Island, New York with my family. I am a Pitbull rescue momma, Cactus admirer, and lover of all things yellow. 

After college I expanded my technology knowledge with device repairs. I became great at fixing any device and enjoyed making things work and function at their best. When I was not fixing computers, or repairing iPhones, I am most likely running a 10k, listening to some Post Malone. While repairing devices, I decided to expand my knowledge more and learn how to get into sales. I worked as a sales associate helping people with payday loans. I quickly caught on and ran with it!

Now I am able to combine my love for social media and sales into one amazing career. Being able to live and breathe social media as a career has me feeling blessed. I am always happy to help in any way I can

Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

Sales Associate

I love to connect with people and interact with a team. Formerly, I was a MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and Florida Marlins, a restaurant owner, and an entrepreneur. Now, I really enjoy the friendly team atmosphere of the 98 Buck Social squad. Some of my greatest professional pleasures include improving my skill sets, building relationships, and helping others. My hobbies range from playing golf, shooting pool, teaching baseball skills and concepts, and spending time with family and friends. I have learned to listen and execute. As a former athlete, I am in my comfort zone when I am helping the machine run efficiently. I love to connect with customers and feel a sense of pride and ownership when I am able to help a customer reach their marketing goals and structure. My goal is to reach easy flowing conversations, so please ask me any questions you may have. I am here to help you!

Lauren Anthony

Lauren Anthony

Operations Manager & Social Growth Guru

Florida native and recent graduate of Florida State University, Lauren enjoys being outdoors soaking up the sun every chance she gets. She is an adventure seeker who loves new experiences and challenges that come her way. During her free time you can find her hiking a mountain, paddleboarding, scuba diving or even zip lining through the smoky mountains. Lauren has been an athlete most of her life focusing mainly on soccer and running over the years. Her life as an athlete has shown that she is a true team player, is disciplined and extremely dedicated. Looking for a new way to test her competitive nature, she has developed her strengths and determination to succeed through CrossFit. With her healthy lifestyle as an athlete and interest in anything fitness she obtained a degree in Exercise Physiology expanding her knowledge and expertise in that area.

Early on Lauren learned to express her creative visual passion through photography. Capturing art through a lens enabled her to show the world how using different angles and perspectives could provide a visually artistic view on life. Her creative eye along with an incredible visual memory has provided success in many different avenues of life. Lauren’s calm, cool personality and attention to detail allows her to work with many different personalities, environments and products. Although somewhat of a minimalist, with a simplistic take on life, Lauren is able to focus on important facts creating a positive result in her work and adapting easily to new situations.

Combining her passion of social media and love for animals, Lauren has designed an Instagram page dedicated entirely to finding homes for rescue puppies. Here she is able to highlight the incredible need for fostering and seeking permanent homes for these animals. Lauren is so passionate about promoting the adoption of rescue dogs that she has fostered several puppies over the past year determined to find them loving homes and families. This is just one of the many positive ways she lives her life by example.

Jessie Carballo

Jessie Carballo

Strategic Account Supervisor

I’m Jessie, Jess, Joe.. anything but Jessica. Im a born and raised Florida girl with a huge passion for everything to do with the ocean. In my free time you can either find me by the beach, or below the water enjoying all this beautiful state has to offer. I carry a camera with me on every adventure, and I probably have more pictures of the ocean than you have ever seen!

Ever since I was young I have enjoyed advertisements more than the average person. I’m a sucker for good ads and the way they speak to everyone differently! You know, the ones that really make you feel something. Working with brands and people I am passionate about is my favorite part of what I do, and creating social media presences is a great way to do this!

The way a company is perceived based on how an advertisement is created was my driving force behind my content creation passion, and with the way social media marketing has exploded recently, it was natural for me to find myself helping brands create the image of themselves they were proud to show off!

Social media is a great resource for brands to grow into their full potential, and my goal is ensuring the utmost level of creativity and support throughout your social media marketing experience!

Cassandra Van Walleghem

Cassandra Van Walleghem

Content Team Manager

Cassandra is a Florida native who loves spending her time outdoors exploring nature trails for inspiration. She has a burning passion for writing and literature that blossomed the moment she discovered the power of words. In fact, she loves to read so much that, when she was little, her parents had to take her books away at bedtime so she wouldn’t stay up all night reading.

Cassandra graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in English from Florida Atlantic University. She hopes to one day pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing and become a university professor. Cassandra loves sharing her love of words with others every chance she gets, often writing down quotes or phrases that speak to her in a profound way.

Currently, Cassandra is working on honing her craft as a writer, filling her room with as many succulents as she can, and enjoying life in the Florida sunshine. Her love of creative writing brought her to 98 Buck Social, where she enjoys putting her creativity to the test and writing killer content for her clients.

Brittany Arnold

Brittany Arnold

Social Media Marketing Manager

I’m a creative, open-minded girl who’s always looking for the next adventure. Traveling, writing and reading are a few of my favorite things. I’m a born and raised Florida girl, although I’m drawn to the mountains.

I’ve loved writing since I learned how to read, and made short stories when I was younger. Throughout my high school years, I kept up with writing, and wrote tons of poetry. That led me to creating my blog, Weekends and Wellness. I’ve always looked for a creative outlet where I could help people along the way, and that’s what Weekends and Wellness brought me. Wellness and health tips, travel stories and my poetry are posted there. Eventually, I’m going to release a poetry book and I’ll be the next big author in Barnes and Noble (just kidding!)

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and would love to be a travel writer in the future. Being on social media constantly brought me to 98 Buck Social. I’ve loved every aspect of social media since I was on MySpace in middle school (and wasn’t allowed to be). Growing up in this generation, I’ve seen every platform grow and have gotten to love all the different things about each.

98 Buck Social lets me utilize all of my creative skills. Every day is different and it’s so exciting to be able to throw all of my talents into every person and company. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me!

Sarah Pinder

Sarah Pinder

Social Media Marketing Manager/Photographer

My name is Sarah Pinder and I have been passionate about photography since 2007. In 2008 I decided to turn that passion into a business. I have lived in Florida my whole life and have actually been in the same bedroom since I was 2 years old. When I’m not posting to social media you can find me outside. I love going to the beach, going camping with my family, and playing with my pets. I have 5 dogs, 2 goats, 2 bunnies, 2 birds, reptiles, fish, and the list keeps going. Everyone says I could charge admission to visit my house because it is pretty much a zoo.

I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a graphic design degree. If you ask anyone who knows me to describe me in one word, most people would say happy! I am usually happy and smiling all day long. My main goal in life is to make people smile! Smiling is my favorite and I believe that if you can make someone smile then you have successfully brightened someone’s day. And there is nothing better than that!

Dyani Rosado

Dyani Rosado

Social Media Marketing Manager

Dyani is a creative, motivated born and raised Floridian girl! True believer your vibe attracts your tribe! I have a true passion for clothing and make up! I’ve worked in retail for five years. Working as Assistant Manager at a consignment store to Boutique Assistant Manager with setting up visuals. Being able to make someone not only look good but feel good makes me one happy gal!

I became a huge make up freak and I’m never looking back! Eyelashes is the true way to my heart. I love the way you can truly express yourself with make up, never forget your face is like a canvas! From beauty tips, to clothing advice and latest trends I’m your girl. Working in retail was a great experience for me until I realized I wanted to be more involved in something bigger! I’ve always had a huge love for social media and now I get to be apart of it!

Working at 98 Buck Social l get to pour my creativity into and share my passion for social media. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me, this is only the beginning!

Latasha Brown

Latasha Brown

Social Media Marketing Manager

I was born and raised in Florida, and I have my bachelor’s in English with a concentration in writing & rhetoric from Florida Atlantic University. I plan to go back to school to get my Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. I love to write, and my ultimate goal is to become a writer. The genre that I focus on is young adult fiction, romance, and teen drama. Besides novels, I also have an interest in writing screenplays, stage plays, and short stories. I also have a blog where I write about life experiences, how-to’s, beauty product reviews, book reviews, and more.

Because I write a lot, I also read a lot. If you take me into a bookstore, be prepared to drag me out! My favorite authors are Sharon Draper and Toni Morrison. Another hobby of mine is playing and listening to music. I used to play the violin in elementary school, I played the guitar in high school, and I’ve been playing the piano for pretty much all of my life. The genres of music that I like the most is rock, pop rock, and R&B, mostly from the 80’s and 90’s! I also used to play tennis in high school for two years. When I’m not reading, writing, or playing my instruments, I’m on social media.

Samantha Stepper

Samantha Stepper

Social Media Marketing Manager

Hi I’m Sam! I’m originally from New York City. As a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida (go Knights!) I wanted to take my Bachelor’s degree in Human Communications & Mass Communications and implement this knowledge into helping others. I interned at the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness my last year of college and I am passionate about helping the less fortunate.

Social media, I thought, is an excellent way to connect with others and spread the word about worthy causes or organizations. My love of social media began there, and it is what led me to my place here at 98 Buck Social.

In my free time, I love boating, spending time with friends and hanging out with pretty much any kind of animal you’ve got! I have always loved to write and I’m a spelling/grammar enthusiast. An ambition of mine is to be a novelist or a screenwriter. Let me tell you, I am a movie buff, a true cinephile. I love reading (especially history books), all kinds of music, going to concerts and watching my favorite show, “Jeopardy.”

I’m thrilled to be a part of the 98 Buck team and can’t wait to learn and grow with this awesome company.

Savannah Spalding

Savannah Spalding

Social Media Marketing Manager

Hi! I’m Savannah. No, I’m not from Georgia. A Floridian that never tires of all the views the Sunshine State has to offer, you can find me catching a sunset on the west coast most nights of the week…well when I’m not on the sidelines. Mom of 3, my week nights & weekends are typically covered in clay and spent by a dugout.

During the weekday however, I love channeling my creative side into social media marketing. Being a self proclaimed pun queen, a published author & the 6th grade Spelling Bee champ, I like to think of it as the perfect storm for social media success.

When I step away from the computer & the ball field, I try to unwind with yoga or by pouring paint on a canvas and calling it art. I can never visit too many museums, walk barefoot in too many parks, hike too many mountains or dance along at too many concerts.

I love being a part of the 98 Buck Family & helping others reach their business goals while simultaneously living out my own!

Lauren Aloia

Lauren Aloia

Social Media Marketing Manager

Hi, I’m Lauren!  I’m originally from Chicago, IL, but traded in city life for the sunshine and beaches here in Florida. I am a wine enthusiast, ice cream lover, and cat mom to two adorable rescues. In my free time I enjoy boating, playing any and all types of games/sports, and supporting local restaurants and bars with live music. I also love traveling to destinations where I can hike or wine taste, but preferably both! 

I have a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Illinois and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer science. Prior to working at 98 Buck Social, I worked as an instructional designer for a medical society and freelance web designer for all different types of small companies. I have both a creative and analytical side to me, it’s hard to choose what I like more.

  • 98 Buck Social has been a godsend for our company. They have been handling our social media posts with professionalism, creating timely content for a very reasonable price. This has allowed us to run our business without worrying about social media. I highly recommend.

    Kathy R. Avatar
    Kathy R.

    We have recently started working with 98 Buck Social and are already impressed with the streamlined process and personalized relationship they provide! We are getting positive feedback and interaction from followers and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

    Misty D. Avatar
    Misty D.

    As a small to medium business owner, it has given us the needed bandwidth to focus on other core competencies. The posts arrive daily and we have been able to shape the content accordingly.

    Sean H. Avatar
    Sean H.
  • They are a great company. Excellent customer service and people to work with...they really care about their clients and I highly recommend them. They have great content writers who are very creative and consistent. 5 Stars for sure.

    Marsha B. Avatar
    Marsha B.

    What an AWESOME social media service! 98 Buck Social consistently delivers content that is timely and relevant to my audience. I’m certainly glad I have a dependable partner that understands my vision and business.

    Chuck M. Avatar
    Chuck M.

    I've had a great experience with 98 Buck social, since my first contact with Jade, and she has been posting worthwhile pieces for me online, keeping us consistently in front of our customers and on their minds. Great teamwork and follow through, Thanks Jade and 98 Buck Social!

    Ron T. Avatar
    Ron T.
  • As a business owner with limited time on my hands for social media posts, 98 Buck Social, came through full force. Their professionalism and attentiveness, allows me to focus more on my clients!

    Anything I need I reach out to Dyani (who is amazing by the way) and gets the job handled asap. Happy customer and highly recommend.

    Thank you for always delivering. Keep up the great work!


    Eleni P. Avatar
    Eleni P.

    98 Buck Social has helped me grow my social media following tremendously, and kept my social media going so that I can focus on other aspects of my business. They are reliable, easy to work with, friendly, and responsive.

    Jo T. Avatar
    Jo T.

    promotional and very timely posts about me, my career, my profession and the game I love

    Michelle L. Avatar
    Michelle L.
  • Great company and very helpful

    Diane H. Avatar
    Diane H.

    I was unsure about 98 Buck, my boss wanted me to call them and I said "for what, I can handle it" boy was I wrong. The staff is very professional and have great posts. If I am unsure about one, or more. they redo and give me options. I would recommend 98 Buck for ANYONE using social media. Thank for the Great posts.... City Maintenance Supply

    Yvette S. Avatar
    Yvette S.

    So far I'm super happy with 98 Buck Social! They've done a great job matching our brand at Chromatic Content and taking on our social media. This has allowed me to put my attention back where I need to on business development and growing the company.

    Jeff A. Avatar
    Jeff A.
  • Great white label service for agencies - especially when you have more work than your own staff can manage. Having a team like 98 Buck Social be able to jump in and help manage your social media accounts is priceless!

    Jennifer H. Avatar
    Jennifer H.

    98 Buck Social was recommended to me by a local friend who had met with one of the owners in person. Seeing as they were in my area, I did as well. Clint spent quite a bit of time with me, talking about our business and our goals for the future. The staff guided me through the onboarding process , they create thoughtful, insightful posts, and are always welcome to ideas for posts. Our Instagram following has grown over 3 months to over 1400 followers with an average of 250 posts likes per post. Highly recommend them!

    Lori M. Avatar
    Lori M.

    Extremely well written and timely posts, incredible monthly rate and top notch customer service - an amazing combination. I was recommended 98BuckSocial by a colleague and I couldn't be happier! I have since recommended it to others - what a find!

    Steven L. Avatar
    Steven L.
  • Nice people and company to work with that are very reasonably priced and very creative.

    Farris B. Avatar
    Farris B.

    Super easy to work with, my online image has never looked so good. I never got so many likes!

    Eric H. Avatar
    Eric H.

    I highly recommend 98 Buck Social. They have been very open to my needs and instructions, and they are very consistent. I am relieved to have them covering all of my social media bases.

    Rachel W. Avatar
    Rachel W.
  • They are awesome they are giving me exactly what I need a boost

    Lee R. Avatar
    Lee R.

    We at Empower ME Academy believe that Buck Social has a consistent and reliable service. Their team produces high-quality work and it can be seen that they have experience in what they do. Great job & keep it up! We highly recommend Buck Social to all types of businesses.

    Vittorio A. Avatar
    Vittorio A.

    This company provides a great service for anyone who doesn't have the time to manage all of your social media platforms yourself. And you can't beat the price! Great team to work with, very easy solution!

    Debbie G. Avatar
    Debbie G.
  • This company has done a wonderful job taking care of my social media needs. They are affordable and a great resource for small companies.

    DrApril B. Avatar
    DrApril B.

    Great to work with!! Took another task off my plate so I could focus on other things.

    Aaron S. Avatar
    Aaron S.

    Great value for the money!

    I’ve had their social media posting service for just a couple of months and it’s already made a big difference in my reach and the number of interactions with my page.

    They are super responsive whenever I ask for or offer feedback and make adjustments quickly.

    I would definitely recommend 98 Bucks Social to any small business or entrepreneur who needs help with their social media marketing.

    Tim R. Avatar
    Tim R.
  • This has been an AMAZING experience! My viewership has quadrupled and I'm getting wonderful feedback and growing my email list. The best part is that "I'm" consistently posting valuable content which is important for business growth. #BestInvestmentEver!

    Amber W. Avatar
    Amber W.

    These guys consistently do an amazing job of posting on my social media sites – they have been flawless from day one I highly recommend them!

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    Jane V.

    98 Buck Social provides fantastic postings to my social media to keep followers engaged, which is exactly what I don't have time to do myself. Well worth the price.

    Dave S. Avatar
    Dave S.
  • We just started a couple of weeks ago with 98 Buck Social. So far we are happy with the content. They are very responsive on messages. 🙂 I would recommend.

    Terri T. Avatar
    Terri T.

    Exactly what I needed. While it's not a complete social media solution, it's more of a foundation that will allow me to better expand my brand with confidence. Good mix of content. Quick and helpful replies from staff.

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    Raymond F.