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Common Questions

Can you help me grow my Instagram followers?

We partner with Socialboost to help build Instagram followers. Click the link below to enroll. Plans start at $59/mo.


Why is my account not posting?

Your account could be failing to post for multiple resasons. Your account could be disconnected, or your social media profile could have incorrect permissions. We are always happy to look into this for you! If you notice it before we do, please contact us so we can get the issue resolved.

Why does my account get disconnected?

Accounts can become disconnected due to any change you might make inside of Facebook/Instagram, or any update that is pushed out from a social media platform. LinkedIn becomes disconnected every 30-60 days. (We can usually avoid this by have administrative access to your page)

Why are charges accuring if I haven't onboarded my account or my profile is disconnected?

We offer a month to month subscription. Your recurring billling date will be the date that you signed up. Our Onboarding Director reaches out to you within 24-48 hours of purchasing the service with us. If your profiles are disconnected, we still create content for your account.

Can I move my billing date?

No, we do not change billing dates.

Can I talk to my Social Media Manager?

Our Level 3 and Level 4 services give you an option to talk directly to your Social Media Manager. For Level 1 and Level 2 you can contact us using a support ticket on our website.

Why do my Facebook and Instagram need to be connected?

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company. To successfully post to these platfroms they must be linked within your Facebook Business Suite.

If Facebook and Instagram are "one account", why are you charging me for two?

Facebook and Instagram are still two separate social media platforms, they are just owned by the same company and require a connection to be linked to our posting dashboard. We post to each platform individually, so each counts as an individual account.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please click below and submit a ticket in our support portal. You must cancel your account 7 days before your next billing cycle to not be charged for your next month.

Support Portal

How do I submit feedback?

You can you submit feedback by using the support form on our website.

Do you create hashtags or do I need to send them?

Our Social Media Managers will create hashtags based on your business, but you can always let us know if you would like to use certain ones!

Where do you get your pictures from?

We use multiple different platforms to get royalty free stock images.

How can I call you?

You can reach us by calling 844-982-8257.

When can I expect leads/sales from your content?

The purpose of organic content is to keep your presence consistently in front of your audience and to establish credability with your followers. Organic growth is possible, but not promised. If you are looking for a more aggressive strategy to gain leads and followers we always recommend you start with paid advertising.

When can I expect to see content posted?

Within 24-48 hours of receiving your “onboarding successful” email confirmation.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.