Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be running my accounts?

We only employ qualified content managers to create and manage content for our customers. Our managers are college-educated, professionally trained, full-time, US-based social media experts that spend hours on the Web looking for relevant and optimal content in order to connect with your businesses’ audience in a meaningful and personal way. We take individual concern for each of our clients needs and believe you will notice the quality of the content we produce. We can also use any media or photography provided to us via shared drive.

How will 98 Buck Social know what to post?

Once we get your order, you will receive a welcome email that contains a link to a survey to fill out. This is your chance to “brain dump” and tell us everything you want us to post on your social media accounts. Are you OK with professional photos we pay royalties for if you’re low on photos, or do you want to provide us with your own shared drive folder of photos? We want to post in your personality, so this is your chance to tell us what you like, and what you don’t like. If you’re not sure what you want, we’ll design a strategy for you related to your industry and target audience, we’re pros at this!

Will I still have access to post on my accounts?

Yes! You are free to continue posting and managing your accounts to whatever extent you would like. In fact, we encourage it. We’re not at your place of business, so you can take photos and videos and provide them to us for posting as well.

What should I do when I have new products or specials that I want to promote?

We have an online support system for this! Go to and your direction and requests will be routed to your social media manager. Your social media manager will be happy to assist you in handling any new products or specials that you would like to post. You are welcome to submit new information or instructions on your account at any time. We are here to make things easier for you! Please note: we create content a week in advance, so we need at least a week notice for time sensitive posts.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There will be a short online letter of agreement for you to sign which will clearly explain the terms of service along with our obligations to you (performing the work promised) and your obligations to us (paying for our services). You are free to walk away at any time you would like, we only ask that if you wish you cancel, you do so according to our terms and conditions before your billing date.. Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions here:

Can I speak with my social media manager on the phone?

Our social media packages 1 through 3 are primarily online and email support only. However, your business is important to us and we understand that sometimes you just need to connect with us over the phone. Please submit a support ticket in this instance and we can possibly schedule a call if it is warranted. We do have a phone package you can add on to your lower level account. For future reference, we do prefer that all content direction and requests be submitted via our support ticket system at, to keep a clear record that we can then add to your file. This is also the fastest way to guarantee a response! We also offer phone call packages, and bi-weekly strategy calls included in our Level 4 package if you are interested in adding this service to your plan.

What if I need something more in-depth than the 98 bucks can provide?

We would be happy to assist you in any variety of other ways. Our agency also works in local SEO, Web development, blog writing, social video production, and logo design. Get in touch with us and we would be glad to discuss more robust ways of marketing your business.

Do I get to review the posts before they go live?

We offer the ability to review posts in our higher level packages or you can add it on to a lower level package, and then there is also using Cloud Campaign which your sales rep will educate you about. The post review process literally doubles or triples the time involved, therefore raising the cost. But we do post for hundreds of businesses every day, and 98% of them trust us with their content. You should too!

What about Instagram and Pinterest?

Instagram is actually one of our hottest sellers and effective platforms. Since it generally requires a unique strategy and includes some awesome growth strategies, we sell it separately for $98. Same with Pinterest.

I have a question about the growth engines and automated Instagram growth.
In September of 2019, Instagram made some updates to its API that put the final nail in the coffin for automated Instagram Growth. As a company, we have decided that it’s in the best interest of our clients to pull this service offering entirely. In many of our packages, we included this service for free as a value add on, so us removing it hasn’t changed package pricing whatsoever.

To keep with best practices, we focus on Instagram advertising now to build a following and increase engagement on Instagram for our clients. This is offered in our level 3 and 4 packages.

How do you know what to post?
By combining the direction that you’ve sent us in your survey and our expert content curation skills, we never run out of post ideas! If you’re looking for anything specific, we always encourage you to send us direction, suggestions, upcoming events and photos to us via email.
Why isn’t anyone liking my posts/following me on Facebook?

We use a variety of strategies to reach a larger audience on Facebook, but if you’d really like your engagement and Facebook “Likes” to grow, advertising is your best bet. We offer a great option called Facebook Ads Light for just $98/ month, plus your monthly ad budget, that can make a big difference in increasing your post reach and page likes!

Why can’t I put a link on my IG comment?

At this moment in social media history, Instagram does not support links in comments or posts, and doing so can actually appears less professional. There is an alternative! The link can be placed in your profile can be changed regularly, with a short caption that explains to “Tap the link in bio to learn more/shop etc”.

Why do I have inappropriate accounts following me on IG?

We sincerely apologize for this! Although we optimize your targets for your specific business, some spam will leak through unfortunately. We cannot mitigate this risk completely, but we can take action to reduce it’s occurrence. We recommend always unfollowing and blocking/reporting these accounts as they come up.

What is a hashtag and what does it do?

Hashtags will help people interested in your industry, specific topic, location or business find you on social! And they aren’t just limited to Twitter anymore- Hashtags are used on all platforms that we offer. You may use up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, and we recommend 3-5 on all other platforms.

What is a link?

A link is a shortened link that comes from a third party posting app. Believe it or not, a shortened link actually helps your engagement! Also, some channels have limits on how many words or characters you can use, link shorteners help us free up space for more content, as the link is taking up less space.

Why do my posts say “Posted by Cloud Campaign”?

Cloud Campaign is the 3rd party app that we use to post to all of your social platforms. In certain cases, your posts may say “Posted by Cloud Campaign”, but this is only visible to users that are already admins of the company page. Your followers won’t see this!

Why don’t these posts link back to my website/advertise my products?

Data shows that content marketing works best when a variety of post types are used, including links to non-competitor articles, facts, statistics, quotes and a host of other creative ideas. We usually post around 2 promotional posts a week, but if you’d like to change this frequency, you are welcome to request a different content calendar. We can link to your page everyday if you’d like, even though we don’t recommend it,

Why am I not seeing any sales through my channels? Why am I not gaining customers?

Social media content creation is focused on building brand awareness. Potential clients need to know about your business before you make a sale. That’s where we come in. We educate your clients about your product/service/business, and establish a rapport with them. We want you to appear as an industry expert, so we share content related to your business. We do NOT guarantee sales through our content creation, as this is much different and is called the branding phase. We could post as much as we want but if your company is not poised to close a sale, or doesn’t have a budget for advertising, we cannot control that. If you’re interested in learning more about conversion (social advertising) marketing, please reach out and we can discuss our Facebook Ads Small Business package with you.

I just decided to add a new platform! Can you update my accounts with all the previous posts you’ve done?

Fantastic! While we can’t repost everything from your other pages, we would be happy to get you started off by adding the new platform and posting to it along with your other platforms moving forward.

Why are you only using stock photos or asking me for content?

Thanks for your feedback! It’s important to understand that social media marketing is incredibly multifaceted, and while we can do a lot for you, like daily content posting that helps boost search-ability, content curation and page optimization, this system works best when business owners contribute some of their specific expertise as well.
We have plenty of paid stock libraries to pull from where we have royalties, but really engaging content often comes from you, the business owner. We don’t ask that you create your own posts, but simply that you share some photos from behind the scenes, testimonials or things that you’ve been working on to really personalize your feed.

How do I get more followers for my business?

Due to recent API changes, Instagram has made it clear the best way to grow exposure is through sponsored content. In the past, automated growth systems could help with exposure but those days are now behind us. With 98 Buck Social, we can run a “likes campaign” to grow followers on your Facebook Business Page and sponsor posts throughout the month to your desired audience for increased engagement on that particular posts.

Growing followers on Instagram is slightly different, we can still promote posts for increased exposure but we cannot run a “follow my page campaign” as Instagram does not allow it. But people will see your Instagram ads and follow your page if they like what they see!

The goal with these ads is to get your brand out in front of more people, adding brand awareness, credibility and social proof to your business, and ultimately also add followers.

How do I get more likes on my posts?
Same answer as above
How much would I be spending on ads?

We recommend an allocated budget of $5/day to $16/day to support the sponsored content to ensure your brand is introduced to all of your followers and new people. This is a starting point, and sky is the limit. We have clients spending $10k+ a month of Facebook ads a month for their business.

How do I add you as an admin on my LinkedIn company page?

Please first connect with Chris Heuwetter ( on LinkedIn through your personal profile. Once we accept your connection request, please go to your page, select Manage Page, then to admin tools, then add Chris Heuwetter as an admin on the page. 

What are the pros/cons of LinkedIn and Google My Business (GMB)?

LinkedIn is a great channel to network with other industry professionals. It can be more difficult to build a following if you do not already have an established account, but you can work at building your connections, just google it! Google My Business is going to have less engagement, but does help to boost your SEO (search engine ranking!) Google rewards users that are on this channel by boosting their search engine results. It is also the first thing customers will see when they Google your company name! You want it to look amazing with lots of great reviews (which we can help with).

How do I create a LinkedIn company page?

Login to your personal profile, then go to the work button in the top right corner. Select Create a Company page at the bottom of that drop down menu! Then follow the steps above to add Chris Heuwetter as an admin on the page.

Are you my account manager? How do I speak to my account manager?

If you have feedback or content direction for your social media accounts, please submit your feedback with a support ticket at so that it gets routed to your social media manager and account manager in the fastest manner possible. The best way to facilitate content direction for an account is by support ticket for us. We need to keep everything in writing so it can be added to your file. This is to protect your account from any personnel issues, such as a social media manager calling out sick, taking a vacation, or even leaving us. If you do experience issues, please submit a ticket explaining the issue so we can rectify is right away. Our higher level packages have the ability to schedule phone calls with with your social media manager, or you can purchase a phone package with your lower level package. All other packages are online support only.

Why was my Twitter Suspended?

There have been recent widespread reports of Twitter account suspensions worldwide. Periodically, Twitter runs an algorithm to try and find fake and spam Twitter accounts and suspend them, an issue that has plagued Twitter since its inception. Unfortunately, many legit accounts get caught in their filter, and it has affected many of our clients. So we wanted to provide some insight into the situation and how to solve it!

First off, know that you are not alone! This recent round of suspensions has affected many accounts, including the Houston Rockets, the Auburn Football team, and more.

Second, we will need your help in getting it back. Twitter is requiring that any accounts wanting to come back will need to appeal the suspension, which is quite easy! Just login to your Twitter account using your login credentials, and then click on this link after you’ve logged in:

Please include this as the description of your problem: “My Twitter account has been suspended and I am unsure as to why. I kindly ask that it be un-suspended and that I would be able to continue posting. I do not believe I have violated any Twitter rules, as I have not received any feedback that I have.”

Please fill out the rest of the information, and hit continue to finish up the process. Please email us back as soon as you receive an answer from Twitter, so we can make sure your account is up to date. We’re seeing Twitter reinstate accounts in 14-21 days post appeal submission.

As mentioned, this suspension has nothing to do with the work that’s been done on your account, as Twitter has been suspending many accounts for unknown reasons. We’re here to help answer any questions you may have about these issues!