We offer a range of high quality content and growth related services across the top social media networks.

Level 2

Social Media Strategist
  • Everything in level 1 included
  • Includes 6 posts/week of social media content curation for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Add on Instagram with 5 posts a week to this package for just an extra $49
  • Ability to request weekly content calendar of posts for review and edit before they go live

Level 4

Full Service Digital Agency
  • Everything in levels 1, 2, and 3 included
  • Includes 6 posts/week of social media content curation for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Instagram add on with 5 posts a week. Includes account setup if necessary.
  • Growth engine for Instagram follower building
  • Regular strategy phone calls with your social media manager
  • Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Ads Management (Light package, pick 2 of 3)
  • Instagram Engagement Engine in lieu of social advertising management
  • You can cancel at anytime up until next billing date.

Looking for more Social? See all of our services:

Money BuckLevel 1 Description – $98/month
We’ll create unique social content for you and publish it 6 days a week! You can pick from 3 platforms for the post to be published to each day (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn). The posts follow a content calendar that is totally varied. From articles, to engaging photos, compelling promotional content, provoking industry tips and interesting facts. Keep a consistent presence with your audience throughout social media with this service.

Level 2 Description – $199/month
This is an upgrade from social media machine that allows you to review posts in advance, create a custom content calendar, and develop a detailed strategy to build your brand on social. Help reach your social media marketing goals with this service.

Instagram Marketing – $98 to $249/month
One of our most popular services! We’ll create custom, graphically enhanced and watermarked posts and publish them to your Instagram 5 days a week. We can help grow your targeted organic followers, and boost engagement on your posts and stories. Build a presence that delivers ROI on one of the hottest social platforms with this service.

Instagram Growth Engine – $49/month each
We have custom software that organically grows your account for you 24/7 with real targeted followers. Our engine usually yields between 200 and over 1000 new followers each month, depending on the account and your target audience! Build a massive following of fans and potential customers with this service.

Instagram Engagement Engine – $198/month
We are able to get your posts to “trend” in the following fields: Suggested Users, Explore Page, News Feed top engaged posts, Location Check-ins

Allowing your posts / profile to get a tremendous bump in likes, views, and overall engagement. Instagram’s new algorithm change has made it so engagement (likes, comments, tags, shares, etc.) are the prime determining factor(s) in which you are seen and prioritized on Instagram. We have made it so we are able to determine through instagram’s API, how and when to have your individual posts seen at the exact opportune time in order to “rank you” up faster than your competition.

What can you expect? A bump upwards to 2-5 times as much engagement then you typically would currently see. There is a few determining factors that apply. A few of which being;
Hashtags: What hashtags you are competing for (We can analyze your account and find the best hashtags for you to use)
Location: Are you checking in at different locations to get an increase bump in views to perspective followers?
Content: Is your content worth clicking and engaging in?

The system also grows as it understand the account and or what works best for engagement. Machine based learning, so your engagement and posts will rank higher over time. A snowball effect. This will ensure the highest possible following / engagement when combined with our traditional packages we have currently running for your account. As it understand the account and or what works best for engagement. So it will increase over a period of time.

Pinterest Marketing – $98/month
We’ll help grow your Pinterest following as well as curate pins for your account to ultimately drive the powerful volume of website traffic Pinterest is known for!

LinkedIn Marketing – $149/month
Build your presence on LinkedIn through custom prepared daily updates and weekly article posts. We’ll also work on building your connections to drive more visibility toward your account, and ultimately procure sales and other business opportunities.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Advertising Management
Find new customers on Facebook. Whether you are focusing on branding, e-commerce, lead generation or mobile app installs, Facebook now has over 100 different targeting options such as demographic information, user interests, custom audiences and re-targeting. Through Facebook’s cutting-edge platform, we can help you grow your page following, get more visibility for your posts, and ultimately drive leads and sales. See our packages by clicking here.

SEO Optimized Blog Articles – $89/each
Custom written blog articles on the topics of your choosing! We can also assist in brainstorming effective article topics for you. Each article is uniquely written for your business, and will be a 500 word count. You can have the article optimized for an SEO keyword with optimal keyword density.

If any of these services sound interesting to you, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us directly and let us know. Lastly, if you’re interested in multiple services, or white-labeling our services, we can certainly package them together for even more savings!

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