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2022 B2B Social Media Trends

Social media marketing brings benefits to every industry! The seriousness of marketing has drastically shifted in the last few years. In 2022, there are some fascinating social media trends for B2B companies.

Social media is the top channel for marketing. Compared to search engine ranking, pay-per-click, or website content, social media posting is the top channel for marketing. Most people spend time on one or more social media networks so it is much easier to gain access to their attention.

Employee advocacy is the best type of content. Most B2B companies find the best content is earned employee advocacy. The exposure you get from positive posts from your employees increases trust in your brand and humanizes you. The next best content is owned content from your corporate accounts as well as paid ads. While employee advocacy is invaluable, don’t discount your own social media posting.

Social media can improve customer experience. Social media has built-in opportunities to improve the customer experience. Often, customers send questions to businesses through social media before sending an email. They spend more time on social media than on their email so it is a quick point of contact for them.

Social media budgets are growing. More businesses are devoting most of their marketing budget to social media instead of SEO. They have noticed far more benefits to those platforms than others and it is best to shift your strategy if you have also noticed the increase in traffic. How often do you check your analytics?

Building community. Social communities have brought growth to many companies and can help B2B companies as well. Creating a community around your business provides an opportunity to create a deeper, more personal connection. By sharing your valuable insights you create a stage for your future product launches.

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