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5 Common Instagram Myths

It’s easy to get the wrong idea about Instagram even though it has been around since 2010. This can lead to a lot of difficulties when you are trying to increase your sales or awareness on Instagram. If you don’t know how it works best you will waste a lot of time on your social media posting. Here, we’ll bust some of the most common Instagram myths, so you can use your time wisely.

Myth #1: Success Is Only Measured by Likes or Follower Count

At the start of Instagram’s growth, this was the way to know you were doing a good job. However, now the Instagram algorithm has changed over and over. There are many accounts that have thousands of followers and only get 1% of the engagement they should for the number of followers they have. While the algorithm is often confusing, one of the amazing additions we have gotten from the growth of the platform is its insights section. Instead of likes or follows, look at engagement rates, link clicks, or comments.

Myth #2: Running Your Instagram Account Is Low Maintenance

It takes a minimum of 2 hours to keep up with your Instagram account if you are trying to reach your affordable social media goals. You can’t just post and leave the platform. You should be commenting, sharing, and engaging in general. In addition, most users expect an immediate response to direct messages.

Myth #3: Your Posts Should Only Be About Your Brand

Social media marketing has shifted away from distant and professional posts focused on your brand. Instead, users enjoy interacting with businesses on a more personal level. This means you should be sharing behind-the-scenes content and participating in trends. This is also why user-generated content performs well.

Myth #4: Stories and Reels Are Just Bonus Features

Video is the preferred type of content for most users so Reels are no longer a bonus feature. Most businesses that shift to sharing more Reels than photo posts notice more organic growth. The algorithm is pushing this feature to compete with TikTok so new viewers will notice your content.

Myth #5: It’s Hard to Succeed on Instagram

You don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of followers to be successful on Instagram. As we stated before, follower count is not an important insight into your success. This means there are many opportunities to be successful. You will connect with your audience if you continue to add value to your online community.

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