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98 Buck Social vs 98 Dollar Social

In your search for a social media marketing agency, it is likely that you came across two companies with very similar-sounding names. Both 98 Buck Social and 98 Dollar Social focus on providing affordable social media management and content creation services. So, how in the world do you choose between 98 Buck Social vs 98 Dollar Social, especially when their initial packages start at the exact same price? By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of the differences between these two companies, which will help you decide on the best option for you.

Contract Options and Cancellations

The first place to compare these two companies is with their contract and cancellation terms. 98 Dollar Social offers month-to-month contracts and requires 30 days of notice to cancel. In contrast, 98 Buck Social requires a two-month minimum for all plans and just 7 days of notice to cancel.

Services Offered

When comparing 98 Buck Social vs 98 Dollar Social, Tte thing that really makes the difference is the services they offer. 98 Dollar Social only offers organic social media content creation and posting. If your needs involve anything more than that, that’s where their service stops. Their $98 per month package includes 3 posts per week, which go out on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. 

Meanwhile, 98 Buck Social offers a plethora of services, making it a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs. In addition to their signature organic content services, there is so much more. They can assist you with targeted social media advertising on all your favorite platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They can even provide product photography services, so you have the best photos of your product to share online.

If you’re looking to improve your website’s search engine optimization, 98 Buck Social can also assist with that. Their SEO marketing packages include keyword research and analysis, on-page optimization, local SEO and Google Maps optimization, link building and outreach, and more. Plus, they provide blog writing services that utilize your top keywords and improve your SEO over time. These blog writing services can include anywhere from one to four SEO blog posts per month.

Finally, 98 Buck Social also offers an easy-to-use text message marketing platform, giving you another way to create a personal connection with your customers. And keep your eyes peeled for TikTok and Reels options coming soon.


As you would expect, the pricing of services varies depending on what you are getting. 98 Dollar Social starts at $98 per month for 3 organic social media posts per week and goes up to $598 per month for 14 posts per week.

98 Buck Social’s pricing also begins at $98 per month for 3 organic social media posts per week. The most expensive organic social media package is $448 per month for 5 posts per week. Their paid media advertising packages range from $349 per month to $498 per month. SEO marketing services cost between $349 and $798, while blog writing services range from $198 per month to $498 per month.

Support Offered

Unfortunately, 98 Dollar Social does not mention how customers can get support when questions or concerns come up. Meanwhile, 98 Buck Social has multiple support options for customers. Depending on the package you sign up for, you could receive your choice of chat, phone, and email support. 

Clients Served

98 Dollar Social has served less than 3000 clients since it opened its doors. In comparison, 98 Buck Social is one of the most experienced affordable social media marketing agencies out there. They have served over 7000 clients since 2015.

Who to Choose: 98 Buck Social vs 98 Dollar Social

Selecting 98 Buck Social over 98 Dollar Social is a smart decision for any organization. Their comprehensive social media management packages that you won’t find at 98 Dollar Social leave no need to hunt for additional help. They also provide superior customer support, allowing clients to get individual attention and guidance. Lastly, 98 Buck Social’s experienced team members offer not just years of expertise but also the passion and dedication necessary to ensure success. With these features combined, it’s no wonder why 98 Buck Social is considered an industry leader when it comes to affordable social media management. Furthermore, it’s why so many clients have chosen them time and time again when looking to promote their businesses online. Click here to learn more today.

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