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4 Common Facebook Ad Myths

Facebook is the largest social media platform and many businesses have noticed their organic reach has diminished in recent months. There are a lot of competitors you need to stand apart from. Facebook ads are an easy way to increase your visibility. These are a few common myths that may be holding you back in your marketing!

Myth #1: You Need a Hyper-Specific Audience

This can be an incredibly limiting belief when you are first starting your ad campaign. If you haven’t created a specific buyer persona, you won’t know who to target your ads. The good news is you don’t need to set your advertising audience as laser-focused as you think. You can start with a general audience and narrow it down later.

Myth #2: Facebook Ads Are Not Effective for B2B Marketing

Most B2B marketers prefer platforms like LinkedIn, but those businesses can also experience many benefits with Facebook! Professionals do use Facebook, and it is possible to generate leads on this platform. Through Facebook’s targeting systems, you can find an audience based on location and job industry.

Myth #3: Your Images Should Only Use Happy People

While it is true that images with people tend to perform when in social media posting, it doesn’t need to be the default when creating an ad. Infographics also do well. You can create carousel ads to be full of information about your business or products. Your ads should guide people to do what you want them to and images of smiling people don’t always provide the best results.

Myth #4: Facebook Ads Are Expensive

You can get great results from cheap Facebook ads as low as $5 a day! You don’t need a huge budget to increase awareness or site clicks. It won’t lead to instant success but you will notice important growth that many small businesses look for at the start of their journey.

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