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How to Be Creative with Trending Topics and Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter, often dubbed the “real-time pulse of the internet,” is a platform where news breaks, trends emerge, and conversations flourish. With its fast-paced nature, staying relevant and creative can be a challenge. However, by leveraging trending topics and hashtags, brands and individuals can craft engaging content that resonates with the audience. Here’s how to get creative with what’s buzzing on Twitter using trending topics and hashtags. 

Stay Updated with Twitter Trends

Before diving into creativity, you need to know what’s trending. Twitter’s “Trending” section, tailored based on location and personal interests, is a goldmine. Regularly check this section and consider tools like Trendsmap or TweetDeck to get a broader view.

Relate Trends to Your Niche

Not every trending topic will be relevant to your brand or interests. The key is to find a connection. For instance, if #NationalCoffeeDay is trending and you’re a book blogger, you could tweet about books best enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Use Humor and Wit

Twitter users appreciate clever and humorous takes on trending topics. If there’s a light-hearted trend or hashtag circulating, jump in with a witty remark or meme. It showcases your brand’s personality and can make your tweet stand out.

Create Visual Content

While Twitter is text-heavy, visuals often capture attention. Pair trending hashtags with relevant images, GIFs, or short videos. For instance, if #ThrowbackThursday is trending, share an old photo with a story or context.

Engage with Polls and Questions

Twitter polls are a fantastic way to engage with trends. If there’s a popular movie release or a sports event creating buzz, run a poll to gauge opinions. Alternatively, pose open-ended questions to spark discussions.

Craft Hashtag Challenges

If you spot a trend that aligns well with your brand, consider starting a hashtag challenge. Encourage followers to share content using the hashtag. It not only boosts engagement but also amplifies your brand’s visibility.

Share Personal Stories or Anecdotes

Personal stories can humanize your brand and make your tweets more relatable. If #TravelTuesday is trending, share a travel mishap or a hidden gem you discovered on a trip.

Collaborate with Influencers or Brands

Engage with influencers or complementary brands to co-create content around trending topics. It offers fresh perspectives and can expand your tweet’s reach.

Stay Authentic

While leveraging trends is effective, authenticity is crucial. Avoid force-fitting trends or overusing hashtags. Your audience can discern genuine engagement from mere bandwagoning.

Monitor Engagement and Adapt

After tweeting, monitor the engagement. Which tweets resonated most? Did certain trends drive more interactions? Use these insights to refine your future Twitter strategy.

Twitter, with its real-time conversations and global reach, offers a unique opportunity to tap into the zeitgeist. By creatively engaging with trending topics and hashtags, brands and individuals can stay relevant, foster engagement, and amplify their voice. Remember, it’s not just about jumping on every trend but finding meaningful intersections between what’s buzzing and your unique message. So, How will you get creative with trending topics and hashtags on Twitter?

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