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How to Make a Viral Social Media Video

Creating a viral video is the dream for many on social media! Overnight a video can get millions of views and the creator gets many more followers. The aftermath of sharing a viral video can mean more reach, more sales, and more followers. While viral content can’t always be predicted, we can look at the similarities of what has been successful in the past! These insights can help you with your social media posting!

What Makes a Video Go Viral?

Over five years ago, a viral video was one that had at least one million views. Today, that is considered mildly viral while 5 million views within a week is more typical. So how does a video get that many views? The quick growth of a video’s reach comes down to sharing and engaging. People share videos that they think will make their friends smile or bring value.

How to Increase Your Video’s Reach

Know your goals. Your goal should not be to just create viral content. What do you want to do with your affordable social media strategy? Your purpose will help you determine what kind of videos you should create!

Understand your audience. You should always know who will resonate with your video most when planning your videos. Your video will likely have a much better reach when your audience enjoys what you post.

Start strong in the first seconds. Short videos perform best so you need to capture a viewer’s attention right away. Use the word “you” and create a hook. Try to engage with the viewer’s emotions.

Keep them short. Even though you have more than 30 seconds to work with on social media platforms, you should try to keep your videos short and sweet. Most viral videos are on the shorter side. A viewer is more likely to watch the entire video when it is short.

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