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How to Increase Engagement on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are transitory, only lasting 24 hours. When the average attention span is 8 seconds, 24 hours is an eternity! Every person consumes content in a different way, so it is best to cater to as many people as possible. If increased engagement on your Instagram is one of your goals, Stories can help! Here are some ideas to increase your engagement.

Share a Feed Post

When you post something in your feed and you want it to get more engagement you can share your own post to your Story. Include a sticker or cute gif to make your social media posting more engaging to look at.

Add a Link

Outside of your bio, adding a link to a Story is the only place you can directly link something. Instagram captions don’t allow clickable links. If you make a promotional post, you can link to the exact item for your followers to purchase it or learn more about your services.

Curate Content

If you like cultivating a community on your Instagram, you can share content from other accounts. Share what inspires you or helped you learn something. There are many talented people on Instagram and you can show your followers what you like.

Use an Interactive Sticker

There are quick reactions for users to react to your Story, but there is a fun reaction sticker too! Your Story viewers can slide the scale over instead of just tapping a button. It is much more interactive and users enjoy this style of post because they feel more a part of your content.

Make an Event Countdown

Do you have an event coming up or a new product release? Instagram has a countdown feature. Users can even click on it to be notified of the event or release so they can be the first to sign up. They are also able to share the countdown on their own stories.

Share a Review

Build trust in your business with a review. If you have a graphic designer at your disposal or are able to create a quick graphic, you can make an attention-grabbing image that shares a positive review about your business or your products.

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