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Marketing Opportunities on BeReal

BeReal has become a huge platform with over 10 million daily users from just 10,000 daily users last year! This app calls itself “anti-Instagram” due to its focus on authenticity and sharing raw content. Every user is prompted to post at a different time and they must post within that 2-minute period. This can make planning your affordable social media strategy a little complicated, but we created a quick guide to market using BeReal for you!

Tips for Trying a New Platform

Take time to learn how it works. Each social media platform is slightly different and it takes a bit of experimenting to get used to it. Before you start to implement any plan, you should casually post and get used to all the features.

Don’t expect overnight results. When you start from scratch on any platform it takes time to build a following and see results from your social media posting. You will figure out what works for your BeReal posts and what doesn’t. You may struggle to get into the groove, but that is all normal!

Observe what other people do. BeReal has been gaining activity for over a year which means some users have created a great routine. If you get confused about how to share on the platform, it is helpful to check out other profiles!

Ways to Market on BeReal

Focus on reality. BeReal’s primary appeal to users is that it is unpolished and unedited. In your posts keep things authentic.
Post behind the scenes. When you are notified that it is your time to post, you don’t need to have an elaborate set-up! You can share a simple behind-the-scenes post that shares what you are doing in your business at the moment.

Connect with Gen Z. This generation loves BeReal more than any other generation. They value authenticity and community. When purchasing from brands, they tend to choose those they feel a connection to.

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