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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Account

There are many businesses that would benefit from improving their presence on LinkedIn. As Gen Z gets older and joins the professional workforce, they are increasingly turning toward this platform for information. You can consider your LinkedIn page to be your personal billboard, so take care of it! These are our tips to optimize your LinkedIn account, so you can improve your personal presence as well as your business’s presence.

Write a Descriptive Headline

Your headline doesn’t have to just be your job title, and actually, it probably shouldn’t be. Use your headline to say more about your role and why you do it the way you do it. This is much more descriptive than your job title and says more about your expertise. For example, if you are an HR professional in the tech world, you can use your headline to say “Spots and hires new talent in tech.” That is much more descriptive than simply “HR professional.”

Be Careful With Buzzwords

There are certain buzzwords that are overused in social media posting, resumes, and CVs. A few of these are: “passionate,” “focused,” “leadership,” and “experienced.” It may seem hard to not use them, but at the very least, you can show that you are these things instead of explicitly saying it. Don’t just tell people, because they see it all the time. Make it clear through your actions that you are these things.

Grow Your Network

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Well, that is very true when it comes to LinkedIn. The value that you get out of the platform is very closely related to the number and quality of your contacts. In addition, growing your network can increase engagement on your posts, which can help promote your content in LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Highlight Your Services

LinkedIn is often used as a lead generator, but if you don’t showcase your services, you are probably missing out on this part of the platform. Make sure you fill out the services section on your profile to make it clear what services you provide. Filling out the services section also boosts your visibility in searches.

Share Relevant Content

By sharing content to LinkedIn you are adding value to your connections. While LinkedIn seems like a much more professional platform, it is still SOCIAL media, which means connecting and sharing valuable information is the goal. It’s a great place to start thoughtful conversations about your industry, the workplace itself, and more.

Publish Long-Form Content

After you’ve gotten comfortable sharing shorter pieces of content, you might want to start sharing more long-form content. This LinkedIn content performs well, especially if you’ve built up a solid following on the platform already. The more regularly you can share these thought-provoking and in-depth pieces, the more other people will start to view you as a thought leader. 

Use LinkedIn to Build Your Brand

Personal branding is a currency in today’s world and there are few better places to build your personal brand than LinkedIn. When you optimize your LinkedIn account using these tips, you will create a distinguishable brand for yourself. This can benefit not only you personally but the business you work for as well. 

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