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Fun Social Media Post Ideas for Restaurants


You probably make sure the food in your restaurant is always fresh but you shouldn’t let your social media posting get stale either! Many diners do research for restaurants on social media before choosing to eat there. Infrequent or non-existent social media posting can be the determining factor for a customer to choose a competitor over you. Here are some ideas for your restaurant’s social media posts:

Tell your story. Good food may bring customers to your establishment but they will keep coming back if they love your story. This kind of post can be stretched into various photos or videos and last much longer than you think! How did you start? What is your background? Why did you choose the kind of cuisine you serve? Share throwback photos of the space you are in or the first location you opened!

Share behind the scenes. People love to see how their favorite dishes are made. Share what you are comfortable with if you are worried about your secret ingredients becoming widely known. Show your talented chefs and their technique. You can also share videos teaching how to properly chop vegetables.

Highlight the people on your team. You have brought together a unique group of people to bring your dream to life. Do team spotlights in different posts. What is your sommelier’s favorite wine on your wine list? What pairings do your servers love? There are endless possibilities for posts about your team!

Take advantage of user-generated content. Regulars and tourists traveling through have probably posted photos on social media or in the reviews of your restaurant. These photos increase your credibility and entice new customers to visit you. Always ask if you can share the photos before you do.

Share menu and special updates. Whenever you add a special or change your menu, make a post about it! This will bring attention to your updates and your regulars will want to visit right away to try what is new.

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In your affordable social media plan with 98 Buck Social, we always strive to post fresh content to your accounts so you can focus on your business! If you have updates or specific post ideas you would like to implement for your restaurant’s social media, contact us!

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