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What to Look for in a White Label Social Media Marketing Company

White-label social media marketing companies offer management services and promote your brand. It’s a great option, especially with a limited time and budget.

White-label social media marketing is an effective business strategy. It involves various digital marketing tactics such as:

  • Per-per-click (PPC)
  • Social media marketing (SSM), and
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)


White-label marketing also includes additional services such as;

  • Video animation
  • Web applications, and
  • iOS or Android app development.


Any service that involves reselling a product or service through different social media platforms falls under the white-label name.

If you lack the expertise to manage social media, 98 Buck Social will step in and manage all your social media marketing campaigns.

What Is White Label Social Media?

White-label social media enables companies to offer social media services using their brand. Other modes include messaging, logo, colors, and name.

This strategy benefits most businesses or companies in various ways. For instance, it eliminates the need to acquire and maintain the technology to run social media marketing campaigns. There’s also no need to hire a dedicated team to handle the processes.

White-label social media is multi-faceted. It can involve various aspects such as;

  • Creating social media content
  • Branding
  • Managing social media posts

What Does a White Label Social Media Marketing Company Do?

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that helps to boost brand awareness, engagement levels, and conversion rates. However, your social media campaigns may not be successful without effective strategies.

White-label social media marketing companies have access to tools and resources to leverage the power of social media. For instance, we create on-brand tactics and solutions to ensure you get a customized and complete social media presence.

We help you maximize your social media marketing campaigns by targeting ads to the right audience.

Our reliable in-house team will create a branded social media platform for you to boost your social media presence, generate quality leads and engage your clients. You can trust our QA specialists, marketers, and other content creators to deliver.

We manage social media channels on your behalf through in-house teams that include QA specialists, marketers, and content creators.

Using our services, your clients receive exceptional advertising services without realizing they are from a third party. If your brand struggles to keep up with market giants, 98 Buck Social is the ultimate solution.

What to Look for in a White-Label Social Media Marketing Company

A strong, consistent social media presence is a vital aspect of your brand, regardless of your industry. It gives you a unique opportunity to portray your brand personality while earning you a place in the crowded market.

White-label social media content creators develop on-brand engaging content. It allows you to retain your clients and build trust in your brand. You can focus on essential business aspects as the experts handle social media under your brand.

When looking for a white-label social media marketing company, check for services such as:

Onboarding New Customers

White-label social media experts ensure a seamless onboarding process for your new clients. We maintain engagement by using social media best practices and help you develop content strategies that fit your goals.

Developing and Scheduling Content on Your Behalf

The main task of white-label social media marketing companies is to manage content. As an industry leader, we have a team of experts with exceptional creative skills to build and maintain your brand reputation.

Promoting Your Business on Google

SEO should always be a priority since it ensures your clients can find you organically. The main challenge most business people face is navigating Google indexing on various social media content.

The best solution is to maintain an online presence by ensuring your social media posts appear on search engine results pages (SERP). Get in touch with us today; we will step in and handle these processes on your behalf.

Improving Engagement through Custom Images

White-label experts provide various custom images and stock photos for social media platforms. We have access to numerous repositories with millions of pictures. Using our stock, we collaborate with you to customize the images by adding your logo, text, and other aspects.

Boosting Social Media Posts to Widen the Reach

White-label social media experts help to ensure your posts reach a broader target audience by boosting them on your behalf. It’s an excellent way to enhance your content’s effectiveness without incurring additional expenses.

Managing Ad Campaigns

Besides boosting your social media posts, white-label social media marketing companies provide complete campaign management services.

Our experienced team will handle

  • Optimizations
  • Creative aspects
  • Budget management, and
  • Developing campaign strategies.

We also generate clear reports to help you understand various metrics and relevant data.

Benefits of Working with a White-label Social Media Marketing Company

You Can Focus on Core Business Aspects

When collaborating with a white-label SMM company, you can focus on more essential business processes. For instance, you can work on promoting other specialized services and generating more leads.

Our experts will handle all your social media channels to relieve you of these duties.

It Saves Costs

Hiring an in-house SMM team or freelancers can be too expensive, especially for businesses in competitive markets. A white-label SMM company is a more affordable solution as it allows you to scale as necessary.

Your clients remain satisfied with a quality customer experience as you generate higher revenues.

Higher Customer-Retention Rates

Your customers will be satisfied with the superior services they will be getting. This will help build brand loyalty, as your clients will stay with your agency for other needs.

Helps Scale Your Business

White-label services empower your business to grow exponentially. They eliminate the need to invest in expensive resources necessary to ensure specialized services. You’ll not incur additional overhead costs by hiring in-house SMM specialists to handle the areas you don’t specialize in.

Your Peace of Mind

White-label SMM companies have experience in the field, so you can count on quality services. Once you provide us with the necessary information and requirements, you can rest easy knowing our experts have your back.

Enhanced Credibility

We can’t stress enough the essence of your online brand reputation. Studies show that 77% of people read online reviews when looking for local businesses.

As the leading white label SMM company, we ensure your social media ad campaigns are successful. You can count on a great ROI by attracting and retaining more customers through positive online credibility.

As the face of your strategy, positive reviews will directly benefit your business.

Remain Updated on Algorithm Changes

Social media platforms have dynamic algorithms that aim to minimize misinformation. It enhances the user experience but creates a challenge for social media marketers.

When algorithms change, or there are new updates, organic feeds often disappear. Luckily, white-label SMM companies monitor all algorithm changes and adjust their strategies. It ensures continuous visibility, regardless of any updates on various social media platforms.

Meet the Best White-Label Social Media Marketing Manager

98 Buck Social is the industry leader in SMM, offering fully managed social media services. Here’s how we ensure you dominate social media:

We Help You Grow Your Business Without Incurring Additional Expenses

You don’t have to worry about outsourcing social media management to the Philippines or other countries. As a US-based company, we guarantee consistent quality to protect and enhance your brand reputation.

Streamlined Convenience

Imagine all social media management solutions on one platform. Your clients will enjoy the online experience without navigating vendors or login credentials.

You can market and provide numerous white-label products on a single platform.

Scalable Solutions You Can Manage as You Grow

We offer different subscription tiers that are easy on your social media management budget. You can choose the best level for you based on your particular needs. We provide various growth-related services and high-quality content across popular social media networks.

Our tiers consist of services such as:

  • Scheduled posts three or five times a week on Facebook and Instagram
  • Unique content customized to your brand to maintain the visibility of your business
  • Promotional posts that highlight your products and services
  • Dedicated online support as necessary
  • Customized images with logo watermarking and custom photography
  • The ability to request content planning, including review, approval, and editing before posting every week
  • A dedicated social media manager who can schedule bi-weekly calls to discuss strategies
  • Pinterest marketing, where we customize your account’s pins to drive more traffic
  • LinkedIn marketing, where we post customized daily updates and weekly articles
  • SEO-optimized blog articles on any topic you choose to increase your website’s search traffic

Discover Unimaginable Heights in Social Media Marketing

Partnering with 98 Buck Social will rejuvenate your business. We handle white-label social media management tasks faster, allowing you to grow your business without investing time and effort in social media.

Most successful business executives agree that white-label digital marketing is the ultimate solution. We excel at social media management, advertisement, and SEO.

Get started today and dominate social media without overstretching your finances.

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