Understanding the ever-changing Instagram algorithm is the key to creating an effective, affordable social media plan! It seems like every month there is a new obstacle to work around, but this blog post should help clear up some questions about how Instagram ranks content!

There isn’t ONE algorithm Instagram employs. Because the app has grown to what it is today, they have created multiple processes to improve our experience on the platform. They noticed by 2016, people were missing 70% of all posts in their feed! So now, each part of the app has its own set of categories to ensure as much content as possible is visible to the user!

The Feed and Stories are ranked similarly. People prefer to see posts in these sections from people they know, like friends and family. By taking into account various factors of the posts (when it was posted; if it is a video, how long it is; what is the location if one was attached to it), who posted it, the user’s activity, and the history between the user and the account that posted it, Instagram pushes that content into more people’s feeds. This becomes a snowball effect once likes, comments, shares, and saves start coming in.

The Explore page was created to help users discover new content from accounts they do not follow. Instagram ranks the content the user has already engaged with and figures out topics to categorize for them. Through the engagement a post gets by the people who follow that account, it could get sorted into the Explore page. Instagram predicts what action will be taken on the post as well.

Reels is categorized like the Explore section because it was also created for entertainment. In addition to the factors that are ranked for content in the Explore page, they track if a video was watched to the end or if the user clicked to go to the audio page.

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