Digital marketing is about more than just marketing for websites. There are at least six ways to market a website online, and where digital marketing comes into the picture.

Some of the categories involved with this form of marketing include:

Social media marketing
Digital advertising
SEO (search engine optimization)

There are more, and in each category, you will find its a specialty of its own, and it has its own unique best practices and set of skills. Because of the number of categories, and that every website is different, you will want to take a custom approach when building your digital marketing plan.

Create Your Customer Persona

There are different types of online marketing strategies, but there are also some basics to get you started building your digital marketing plan. The starting point is to create your customer persona. How you locate potential customers has taken a new level. No longer are you collecting information such as age, gender, occupations, etc. You now create a customer persona.

A customer persona is what describes your ideal customer as determined by contacting and surveying a pre-defined target group. There are online tools available for use in creating your customer persona.

Identify Your Tools and Goals

You have to have a goal with almost all things in life, and the same is true for building your digital marketing plan. The plan is not going to work if you don’t have the main task defined. When you set a goal, make sure it is suitable and measurable.

Focus on Good Content

Any digital marketing plan needs high-quality content. This content will be incorporated into your blogs, which will expand on your content marketing strategy. This content will bring more traffic to your site, position you against other companies, reinforce your social media presence, and other critical functions.

When you regularly update your blog with high-quality content and visitors look at these entries, it will often prove your website is easily found. This factor demonstrates your SEO is working and can be used as a platform in your marketing campaign.

Monitor Your Digital Marketing Channels

You should monitor your website, social media account, Google Adwords, paid advertising, and all other channels used to make sure they are effective and if they need changing.

Your digital marketing plan may not include all these channels, but be sure to monitor the ones you have incorporated into your strategy. One example of monitoring would be to look at how your landing page is working. If it is effective in generating leads, you can continue to use it and make improvements if possible.
Improve Your Mobile Optimization

The mobile-first era has exploded, and your site must provide an efficient and easy-to-navigate experience for mobile users. Optimization for mobile users ensures people who come to your site on their phones have an enjoyable and productive experience. Review your email templates and responsive design to ensure you have the latest methods in place and provide only the latest and most relevant data.

As part of your digital marketing plan, you should continuously monitor how effective your strategies are working. You may want to assign teams that conduct these checks, and remember that mistakes are great opportunities to make corrections.

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