Social media is an amazing tool to help you market your event! Increase your turnout and ticket sales with these tips!

Create a Facebook Event. This is a perfect central location for people to get more information, especially if you don’t have a place on your website to include events. Your existing followers will be able to see your events on Facebook and share the event with their friends.

Promote it with cheap Facebook ads. Organic reach on Facebook is difficult, but for a small investment, you can drastically improve the visibility of your event! As 98 Buck Social for more information about our affordable Facebook ads!

Highlight past event videos to create a buzz. Video converts more than a photo, so utilize old video content from past events to increase interest! Post the video directly onto whichever platform you want to promote your event on. In-feed video performs better than a linked Youtube video.

Make a geo-filter for Snapchat. Gen Z is present most on Snapchat so if you are trying to market to that generation Snapchat is where you should be! A geo-filter is a fun way to get user-generated content for marketing purposes after the event too.

Share testimonials from past events. Many people place a high value on the opinion of a person not affiliated with your company. Increase your authority and trust by posting reviews and testimonials about your past events.

Post behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories about the preparations. By sharing these behind-the-scenes videos you are building anticipation. People like learning secrets and you can showcase parts of your event that will get people excited!

Create an event hashtag. A hashtag is an easy way for people to find all of the posts about the event and stay in the loop. Make it memorable and unique to your event. Engage with people who use your hashtag to foster community.

Giveaway a free ticket. People love winning free things so host a contest on your social media! There are many ways to do this like gifting the ticket to the person with the most likes on a shared post or randomly choosing a winner with a random number generator.

Promote guest speakers. Use quotes from your guest speakers for your social media posting! This will help fill your content calendar on the day, leading up to the event and help build interest. Often those speakers will also share the posts they are tagged in to their followers.