Awareness around sustainability has grown steadily over the last few years and more and more consumers are prioritizing purchasing from companies that are “green.” It can be hard to effectively communicate your business’s values and successes, but many companies who prioritize those topics are noticing an effect in their sales. These are some tips to help you market your business’s sustainability practices.

Discuss how your product promotes sustainability. Go into detail on the production, if its recyclable, what the materials are, whatever makes it green, don’t be shy to talk about it! Our affordable social media posting can include this in your content!

Share your goals. If you are on a path to become more green, share your goals with your followers. You will be seen as transparent and trustworthy and it will also hold you accountable to finding ways to reach those goals. Your audience may also be able to give you advice to help reach those goals.

Release data. How exactly are your environmental efforts taking shape? Include your statistics and data in your content to increase trust in your brand and include your followers in goal tracking!

Share your mission. Everyone should talk about their company mission, but especially those whose mission is green! Talk about how your day-to-day work is continuing to hold up your mission.

Answer FAQs. Your audience will likely have questions about your product development, so use this in your content. Share your answers to their questions in your stories, write blog posts, and dedicate specific posts to it.

Use it as a recruitment tool. Many employees appreciate working for a company that is making an effort to be more sustainable. Include this in your outreach when looking for new hires!

If you would like to highlight your business’s environmental efforts in your social media posting, 98 Buck can make the necessary adjustments!