Social media optimization allows your content strategy to be as effective as possible. While many brands may make their social media posting seem effortless, a lot of thought is put into it. These are some optimization tips to increase your social media growth:

Research. Always do your research before executing your cheap social media marketing strategy. Check out your competitors to see the kind of content they post, what tags they use, and the voice of their captions. Also, a little bit of marketing knowledge goes a long way. Listen to podcasts and read educational blogs to start your social media marketing on the right foot. 

Optimize for searches. While not every post needs to be searchable, you should keep the social media search engines in mind. Use keywords in your caption and popular hashtags. When a user searches for something related to your niche, your account will hopefully pop up and you will get a new follower. 

Consistently review your strategy. When you first start posting to social media, you should wait a couple of months before checking your analytics. After it has been three to six months, check your analytics at least monthly to make sure you are reaching your goals. If something isn’t working you can always shift your strategy. 

Write catchy captions. Social media has become more casual but your content should still be captivating. In the first line, include an eye-catching sentence to make the user want to read more and like your post. A comment or share is even better for the algorithm!

Add tags. Do you use user-generated content (UGC) for your posts? Do your best to tag the original creator to give them credit and show you appreciate their support. It creates natural conversation in your posts instead of being too cold. You may even receive more UGC because you tag the original poster.